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[UPnP] ignore any requested sort critera, instead use XBMC GUIViewState defaults #1665

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From looking at user's logs on the forums, some devices routinely pass an 'incorrect' sort method in requests. e.g. sort by title requested for Recently Added nodes. Or sort by date for every node. Until we are modifying our behaviour on a client by client basis, it's best to just ignore the requested method and sort using our defaults.

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@alcoheca alcoheca merged commit edab0b7 into xbmc:master
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Showing with 1 addition and 8 deletions.
  1. +1 −8 xbmc/network/upnp/UPnPServer.cpp
9 xbmc/network/upnp/UPnPServer.cpp
@@ -558,20 +558,13 @@ CUPnPServer::OnBrowseDirectChildren(PLT_ActionReference& action,
items.Sort(SORT_METHOD_LABEL, SortOrderAscending);
} else {
CDirectory::GetDirectory((const char*)parent_id, items);
- if(!SortItems(items, sort_criteria))
- DefaultSortItems(items);
+ DefaultSortItems(items);
if (items.CacheToDiscAlways() || (items.CacheToDiscIfSlow() && (XbmcThreads::SystemClockMillis() - time) > 1000 )) {
- else {
- // the file list was cached, but this request may use a different
- // sort_criteria
- if (SortItems(items, sort_criteria))
- items.Save();
- }
// Don't pass parent_id if action is Search not BrowseDirectChildren, as
// we want the engine to determine the best parent id, not necessarily the one
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