FindNextFile returns error in Linux on bad symlink causing short Dir read #1675

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dragonflight commented Oct 25, 2012

In the linux implementation of FindNextFile in linux/XFileUtils.cpp, FindNextFile will fail (return error) if the "next" file is a broken symbolic link. this has the (unintended I'm sure) effect of cutting directories entries short. If the first entry in directory is a broken symbolic link then FindFirstFile returns a handle, gives no indication of a problem and returns a partially populated LPWIN32_FIND_DATA structure.

Not being a Windows programmer and the documentation is not clear on what windows will do in this situation, someone need to check on it. If Windows has the same problem then this fix should probably be abandoned and a wrapper around FindNextFile and FindFirstFile created to do the same thing (but for all implementations presumably)

Note: this will also occur on insufficient permissions getting to a target of a symlink

dragonflight added some commits Oct 25, 2012

Modify FindFirstFile and FindNextFile to always return a valid file o…
…r end of directory

FindFirstFile could have returned a partially populated WIN32_FIND_DATA structure
and FindNextFile could return false in the middle of a directory due to
a broken symlink.

ghost commented Oct 25, 2012



dragonflight commented Oct 25, 2012

It's a fact I'm an idiot - I checked against the wrong branch before I posted. I also misinterpreted why the stat - thinking it was to prevent having to check file validity later.

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