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This fixes CCurlFile::Get() by moving the explicit initialisation of the request pre-conditions (used by CCurlFile::Open()) to CCurlFile::Post() resp. CCurlFile::Get()

See issues with PR #1650.

@Red-F Red-F Fix CCurlFile::Get() by moving the explicit initialisation of the req…
…uest pre-conditions to CCurlFile::Post() resp. CCurlFile::Get()
@opdenkamp opdenkamp commented on the diff Oct 26, 2012
-bool CCurlFile::Service(const CStdString& strURL, const CStdString& strPostData, CStdString& strHTML)
+bool CCurlFile::Service(const CStdString& strURL, CStdString& strHTML)
opdenkamp Oct 26, 2012

this isn't needed?

Red-F Oct 26, 2012

Service was a private method only called by Post and Get. Since we initialise now at the location where we actually know if we're doing a get or post, this is indeed no longer needed.

opdenkamp Oct 26, 2012

oh wasn't talking about the method but about the const change. but if the method is no longer needed, then that's even better.


@opdenkamp: This fixes a problem i have with scarping. ( )


Ditto. I was having scrapping issues after the initial patch was committed.

Team Kodi member

yes i know

@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz merged commit 599a248 into xbmc:master Oct 27, 2012
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