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[Fix] Add missing audiochannels rule to PlayerSelectionRule.cpp #1784

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This adds the missing test against the audiochannels rule in PlayerSelectionRule.cpp. Fixes

I wasn't entirely sure what the best way to convert an integer to a string was, so I just copied this code from CSFTPSessionManager::CreateSession (which was about the only place I could find that already did it).

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Nov 14, 2012
ScudLee [Fix] Add missing audiochannels rule to PlayerSelectionRule.cpp. fixe…
…s #13536
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6  xbmc/cores/playercorefactory/PlayerSelectionRule.cpp
@@ -129,6 +129,12 @@ void CPlayerSelectionRule::GetPlayers(const CFileItem& item, VECPLAYERCORES &vec
129 129
     CStreamDetails streamDetails = item.GetVideoInfoTag()->m_streamDetails;
130 130
131 131
     if (CompileRegExp(m_audioCodec, regExp) && !MatchesRegExp(streamDetails.GetAudioCodec(), regExp)) return;
+    std::stringstream itoa;
+    itoa << streamDetails.GetAudioChannels();
+    CStdString audioChannelsstr = itoa.str();
+    if (CompileRegExp(m_audioChannels, regExp) && !MatchesRegExp(audioChannelsstr, regExp)) return;
132 138
133 139
     if (CompileRegExp(m_videoCodec, regExp) && !MatchesRegExp(streamDetails.GetVideoCodec(), regExp)) return;
134 140

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