trac #13499: Power Management via logind support #1801

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Implemented power management via systemd logind + upower. Only minimum refactoring was done to split upower code into separate class.

Team Kodi member

Thanks. Please rebase on master so we get rid of the merge commit.



Team Kodi member

Looks good to me.
I can't test logind though, but thats a good way to solve the problem.

Anyone on the team uses arch?

Perhaps you could rebase it down to a single patch? Alternatively with one adding appendarg(bool) on dbusmessage and another with the rest?


+1 on topfs2's comment.
I'll allow this for Frodo as long as it goes in before beta2 is tagged and someone on a non-arch linux checks for regressions.


Applies cleanly against master and works fine on Fedora 17 x86_64. Thanks for the functionality, singular.


need an Linux xbmc dev to sign off.

Team Kodi member

@singular0 please rebase down as suggested by @topfs2.

@topfs2 you happy to sign off?

Team Kodi member

@jmarshallnz I can do a sign off in say 36 hours. I have no way to actually test logind and devicekit-power though but I'll go through the patch in thorough detail when rebased.


I have squashed commits as suggested.

@davilla davilla merged commit c2a4083 into xbmc:master Dec 2, 2012
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz merged commit 58d600d into xbmc:master Dec 2, 2012

Hi Guys,
I'm in a similar situation of this guy:

All I get in the logs when I start xbmc is:

19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: Starting XBMC (12.0-BETA2 Git:20121203-a65b40d), Platform: Linux (Arch Linux, 3.6.8-1-ARCH x86_64). Built on Dec 4 2012
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: special://xbmc/ is mapped to: /usr/share/xbmc
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: special://xbmcbin/ is mapped to: /usr/lib/xbmc
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: special://masterprofile/ is mapped to: /home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: special://home/ is mapped to: /home/xbmc/.xbmc
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: special://temp/ is mapped to: /home/xbmc/.xbmc/temp
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: The executable running is: /usr/lib/xbmc/xbmc.bin
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: Local hostname: xbmc
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: Log File is located: /home/xbmc/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log
19:29:11 T:139832183691200 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:29:12 T:139832183691200 INFO: Selected UPower as PowerSyscall

...and then it hangs there indefinitely.
Is this commit somehow related to this behaviour?

Apologies in advance if it's totally unrelated.

Cheers, Elisiano


@huceke, you are on Arch Linux, do you see this issue ?


@elisiano, does your Arch installation utilize systemd or is it still on sysvinit?


It's working fine on two ArchLinux systems here. The person at the arch forum seems to have solved the problem by updating the dbus package.


Hi, my system uses systemd.

Following the referenced post on Arch Linux forums, enabling the testing repository fixes the problem.

At first I just tried to install dbus manually from the testing, but nothing changed. So as an act of desperation I enabled the repo and the following packages were updated:

Targets (18): device-mapper-2.02.98-3 filesystem-2012.12-1 isl-0.11-1 libpulse-2.99.2-1 libquvi-0.4.1-2 libssh2-1.4.3-1 linux-3.6.9-1
linux-headers-3.6.9-1 lua-5.2.1-2 lua51-5.1.5-3 lvm2-2.02.98-3 mkinitcpio-0.12.0-1 nmap-6.25-2 pulseaudio-2.99.2-1 talloc-2.0.8-1
vlc-2.0.4-5 xorg-server- xorg-server-common-

No idea which one of those solved the issues but if I had to bet I'd say either the kernel or xorg-server*.

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the noise.

Cheers, Elisiano

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