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FIX: [droid] Do not define XBMC_TEMP, thus moving temp to user folder, thus external storage if avail #1805

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Main goal is to move xbmc.log to user folder, so that it is accessible.

Still a FIX, IMO, because:
1) temp, i.e. ever-changing files, should not be put on internal flash if possible.
2) this aligns droid with the other 'nix platforms

@theuni theuni was assigned

IIRC initially I had it setup to have the temporary files on the external storage if available but someone changed it (due to speed reasons?).


Yeah, should probably be tested on a device with a "real" sdcard (on Nexus7 is just a link to another flash partition).
OTOH, "degrading" (as in x writes before bad sector) the internal flash to write some log/temp files is something I'm not at ease with... AFAIK, it is not what the droid cache is made for.


I could test on my phone having a real SD card (running Android 2.3.5 or so) - but I would need an apk as I can't build for Android.


I had an issue with smb with this PR on. Don't know why but it isn't worth spending time on this

@koying koying closed this

Hmm, just saw this PR, never noticed it before. Sorry for that.

@koying Likely your issue was that android refuses to allow unix sockets on removable media.


Ah, ok. Thanks.
We should still find something regarding logs because, on JB, even an adb pull is not permitted if you are not root.
So the one and only way to get logs there is via the uploader.


Yep, we need to break log out into its own configurable path.

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Commits on Nov 16, 2012
  1. @koying

    FIX: [droid] Do not define XBMC_TEMP, thus moving temp to user folder…

    koying authored
    …, thus external storage if avail
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Showing with 0 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +0 −5 xbmc/android/activity/android_main.cpp
5 xbmc/android/activity/android_main.cpp
@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@ void setup_env(struct android_app* state)
// Get the path to the temp/cache directory
char cacheDir[PATH_MAX] = {0};
- char tempDir[PATH_MAX] = {0};
jmethodID midActivityGetCacheDir = env->GetMethodID(cActivity, "getCacheDir", "()Ljava/io/File;");
jobject oCacheDir = env->CallObjectMethod(oActivity, midActivityGetCacheDir);
@@ -95,14 +94,10 @@ void setup_env(struct android_app* state)
jstring sCachePath = (jstring)env->CallObjectMethod(oCacheDir, midFileGetAbsolutePath);
temp = env->GetStringUTFChars(sCachePath, NULL);
strcpy(cacheDir, temp);
- strcpy(tempDir, temp);
env->ReleaseStringUTFChars(sCachePath, temp);
- strcat(tempDir, "/temp");
- setenv("XBMC_TEMP", tempDir, 0);
strcat(cacheDir, "/apk");
//cache assets from the apk
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