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warhog commented Nov 25, 2012

Added the feature to set gui clamp limits on raspberry pi platform through advancedsettings.xml configuration file.
Default behaviour without advancedsettings is still 1280x720.
The configuration entries are "clampguilimitwidth" and "clampguilimitheight".
Allowed resolutions are between 320x240(vhs) and 3840x2160 (uhd, 4k) right now.
I will update the wiki entry too if request gets applied.


theuni commented Nov 25, 2012

Please explain why? The rpi (and all egl implementations) explicitly query the possible usable resolutions. All of that clamping is a relic from how things were done before, and we really need to be removing it rather than adding to it.

warhog commented Nov 26, 2012

hm? on rpi the menu rendering resolution is fixed to a maximum of 1280x720 (ignoring higher resolutions
the display offers).
afaik this was done due to performance reasons.
but now the pi scales the menu which is rendered in 720p to 1080p(native tv resolutions) which makes it very blurry.
the only thing the patch adds is the ability to set the resolution limit through configuration to not
patch every xbmc release.

@warhog warhog closed this Dec 28, 2012

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