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Memphiz commented Jun 11, 2011

Hi folks,

like title says this would add nfs support for linux, osx and ios. The libnfs dependency is already prepared in master and will be built automagically for osx/ios once the darwin build sys is activated. Linux devs should build lib/libnfs and install it before running configure for getting it pickup the nfs support.

Not much to say about it. putting on his helmet for accepting blames

PS: sorry for the WIN32 guys. I did one try to port this over to win32 - but the libnfs rpc stuff broke my neck.


Excuse what may seem an ignorant question, but why add NFS support through a library rather than having the user mount the remote share using their mechanism of choice and treat it as local? Permissions and access?

Memphiz commented Jun 14, 2011

There are plattforms which can't mount (ios).


Why not mount on the underlying host system?

Several reasons, some better than others :-)
1, On some platforms you cant mount at all.
2, Sometimes you might want to not expose the NFS share outside of the application and not make it visible to the underlying host. this allows the "mount" to be private to the application.
3, Only root can mount a share on the host. This allows non-root users to access the data on the NFS share.
4, When/if ported to Win32, this allows win32 users to access nfs shares out-of-the-box without the hassle of dealing with SFU.

Memphiz commented Jun 16, 2011

If nobody of the linux devs spotted any blocker for this, i would like to rebase once more and hit the green button in 2 days.

@Memphiz Memphiz merged commit 5db9543 into xbmc:master Jun 18, 2011
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