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added: url option to set proxy for http streams #2003

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queeup commented Dec 29, 2012

this is my first trial for contribute to xbmc code. I don't have build environment and I couldn't build and try this code. It should work I guess :)

I did it for using proxy without enable for hole XBMC. For add-on's mainly.

I need some feedbacks about this feature. Is it necessary or how is the code etc.

TODO: [DONE] Better log message to distinguish from XBMC proxy settings ("Using url option proxy %s")

That won't work. "Equals" matches the whole string. You want to match only the start of it i guess?


queeup replied Dec 29, 2012

Ahhh ok. I add that just for if somebody add it proxy like with http://ip:port.

What do you suggest? I can do it like here
Force to use |Proxy=ip:port instead of Proxy=http://ip:port


Also... single quotes are used for characters in C... double quotes are for strings.

And don't forget to put everything that belongs into "else if" in between curly brackets.


queeup replied Dec 29, 2012

I missed that single quotes. Python habit :) thankx for the "else if" brackets also. Noob C mistakes

queeup commented Dec 29, 2012

or keep it like it is and fix with value.Left(7).Equals("http://")

fix nood coding mistakes.
-"Equals" matches the whole string.
-double quotes are for strings.
-forgotten "else if" parenthesis (curly brackets).

arnova commented Dec 30, 2012

Pull requests are not supposed to be used to tutor people C++ and/or have it as a shortcut to get features implemented, especially if you can't even compile. This is what the forum is for. Just my 2c.

queeup commented Dec 30, 2012

What can I say, you are totally right. Fell free to close this pull request.


MartijnKaijser commented Aug 6, 2013

are you still willing to work on this?

queeup commented Aug 13, 2013

No :( I am very busy with my daily life.


MartijnKaijser commented Aug 13, 2013

perhaps you are interested in parts of this code?

let me close this for now. once you have some time feel free to open a new PR :)

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