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Sync with libdvdread upstream #2024

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bkerensa commented Jan 4, 2013

the libdvdread source package xbmc is way outdated as such its time for a sprinkle of sync love

davilla commented Jan 4, 2013

and the rest of libdvd ? there are three parts, they are typically paired.

Team Kodi member
Voyager1 commented Jan 5, 2013

+1 on the idea. Libdvdread/nav are at 4.2.0 while ours is 4.1.3, so it could indeed use a refresh. I tried a few months ago and I must say there's a few challenges: making it compile with mingw (under Windows) and backporting the xbmc additions to the libdvdnav code. I didn't have enough time to dedicate so put it to rest, but it would be great to give it that sprinkle of love post-frodo.


post-frodo love sprinkle? :)

Team Kodi member
Voyager1 commented Apr 1, 2013

already done!

@Voyager1 Voyager1 closed this Apr 1, 2013
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