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Fix videos from being unrecognised by picture slideshow. #2164

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This allows videos to be played in a picture slideshow if the user has video extensions enabled for their picture library.

Even though there is code to support videos, they do not play since slideshow items do not have a mimetype or VideoInfoTag. This results in a black screen when a video is encountered.

Issues that have also been resolved are:

  • correct transitions to/from the original(previous) window - WINDOW_SLIDESHOW - WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_VIDEO, etc.
  • issues of loading videos on top of each other, if a video is followed by a video
  • preventing background loaded images from showing between two consecutive videos
  • including videos in the list of items to be shown in a non-"slideshow" mode (i.e. just selecting a picture from a list)

PictureInfoTag do not support video. you can check the source code.

ulion commented on 9911e81 Mar 4, 2013

why need these, what problem need be resolved and why and how this resolved it?


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

If you choose a picture from the FileList and go to the next photo, if the next photo is a video, it will not be displayed. Videos are only shown if you specifically select a slideshow option, and not when you select individual files and scroll through the list. You'll end up with a black bugged screen without it. The whole GUIWindowSlideshow is a mess.

ulion replied Mar 4, 2013

I think in non-slideshow mode ( is it same with a paused slideshow? ), need display the first frame of the video (or thumbnail) on the screen static, as a picture, and a play action trigger to play the video item (when slideshow is running, it's just directly play the video), after video stop, it come back to this first frame picture, we need a big play button on it? it's just like the photo app in iDevice, you known.


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

I agree! That sounds optimal, but I haven't had the time to implement that. This is just a bandaid for something better :P

At the moment, when you bring up a video, it will instantly play. When it finishes, the next picture is shown. If you interrupt the video (i.e. stop or skip) while it is playing, the behavior can be very confusing as you transition from WINDOW_SLIDESHOW to WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_VIDEO and back....which messes up the navigation stack.

ulion commented on 8aabca4 Mar 4, 2013

why need these change? what happened without it? original code is reasonable there you have to has good reason and explain why and what these commit does.


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

The commit explains exactly what goes on.

All you have to do is attempt to play video / pause video to realise the issues in GUIWindowSlideshow. It's been a month since I visited the source.

From memory, the issue is a combination of GUI_MSG_PLAYLISTPLAYER_STOPPED not firing correctly when stopping a video. When you stop and skip video you are not always returned correctly to the slideshow or the original menu.


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

Either way, the transition between picture -> video -> picture, is horrible. Especially if you attempt to skip or stop the video. Of course, hitting ESC isn't stop or skip, which makes the transition between picture and video very confusing.

Without this you often enter a state where you end up back at the main menu, while the video is playing in the background....when really, what you want is the next picture. I urge you to try out this set of commits with a folder with pictures and videos...and try to skip through them with ease.

ulion commented on 40b4b79 Mar 4, 2013

what's an interrupted video


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

This is more a safety net if anything. I was able to find that if you had multiple videos followed by a picture, it was possible to get into a state where you would be in GUIWindowSlideshow but have video from the playlist running in the background.


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

This would also frequently occur if you attempt to skip a video, or hit Escape to go back to the picture slideshow.

ulion commented on d7060a5 Mar 4, 2013

what happened without this, can you tell me how to trigger the repeat play?


DigitalDJ replied Mar 4, 2013

If you only have videos in the folder, the background loader will continuously attempt to load the next video, burning CPU cycles.


ulion commented Mar 4, 2013

the combined change set is not large, it looks there some code in next commit is for fixing problem introduced in your previous commit. so would you please squash these commits first to remove such changes and re-split it to make it simpler?

At the moment, I don't really have time to fix this up. Also pretty shitty at git in general.

I agree some of the later commits are dependent on previous, but this was simply the process of fixing problems after re-enabling video playback in pictures.


ulion commented Mar 5, 2013

original code is supposed to support video, so I don't think it's re-enabling video playback, we are fixing the video playback in pictures.
I'm starting working on the pr I submitted to make it works as iDevice, although currently I do not have a big play button on the snapshot of video, and also can not switch to next or previous item in slideshow from an playing video item. other functions seems already works as it should be.

I guess this can be closed.

@ulion ulion closed this Jun 18, 2013

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