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AE: Fix segfault after indirection patches #2289

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After the indirection patches, we don't wait unitl OpenSink() is finished. So there can be race conditions, when we remove the master stream. Basically, when removing such a stream and deleting it, it must be set to NULL - as every other check in e.g. outputrawstage won't work correctly.

The first idea to use "boolean guards" (TM) was not really smart and only made it harder to reproduce - as it helped sometimes.

FreeStream has a streamlock, it deletes / removes the stream there, sets it to NULL. OutputRawstream has the same lock, so comes in before or afterwards.

Having a dangeling pointer, e.g. not setting m_masterstream = NULL was just bad.
A nice good morning ping from germany goes to @davilla @wsnipex @pike @ronie


do you plan on fxing up pap after your endevours? its back to eating a full core..

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Hehe - i am pretty new to this stuff. I have some things on my todo list for AE. The last patch series enables Sleep Possibility on Alsa - so you should see really improved idle power usage. When the sink gets unloaded, it basically stays in SoftSuspend, e.g. ProcessSuspend(); and sleeps quite long naps.

Can you be more concrete on your mentioned issue and how to reproduce? As I did not realize increased CPU usage.

Team Kodi member
Team Kodi member

seems to fix the switching issue here on intel

Team Kodi member

works for me.

edit: confirmed unrelated to this PR:
while testing I noticed that switching audio output from the audio OSD(while playing a video) does not work. I can cycle through hdmi, spdif, analog, but output device stays the same as configured in settings.

@davilla davilla merged commit 9a5b151 into xbmc:master
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@davilla: Please also for frodo.1

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Commits on Feb 23, 2013
  1. @fritsch
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/SoftAE/SoftAE.cpp
8 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/SoftAE/SoftAE.cpp
@@ -728,7 +728,6 @@ void CSoftAE::PauseStream(CSoftAEStream *stream)
CSingleLock streamLock(m_streamLock);
RemoveStream(m_playingStreams, stream);
stream->m_paused = true;
- streamLock.Leave();
m_reOpen = true;
@@ -874,7 +873,10 @@ IAEStream *CSoftAE::FreeStream(IAEStream *stream)
RemoveStream(m_streams , (CSoftAEStream*)stream);
// Reopen is old behaviour. Not opening when masterstream stops means clipping on S/PDIF.
if(!m_isSuspended && (m_masterStream == stream))
+ {
m_reOpen = true;
+ m_masterStream = NULL;
+ }
delete (CSoftAEStream*)stream;
return NULL;
@@ -1058,11 +1060,11 @@ void CSoftAE::Run()
bool restart = false;
/* with the new non blocking implementation - we just reOpen here, when it tells reOpen */
- if (!m_reOpen && (this->*m_outputStageFn)(hasAudio) > 0)
+ if ((this->*m_outputStageFn)(hasAudio) > 0)
hasAudio = false; /* taken some audio - reset our silence flag */
/* if we have enough room in the buffer */
- if (!m_reOpen && m_buffer.Free() >= m_frameSize)
+ if (m_buffer.Free() >= m_frameSize)
/* take some data for our use from the buffer */
uint8_t *out = (uint8_t*)m_buffer.Take(m_frameSize);
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