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pvr: dvdplayer - correct determination if video is playing #2423

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follow-up from #1377

1597 does not fix the entire issue because it does not change anything for VIDEOPLAYER_COVER


closed #1377


elupus, I have updated the pr. I have set the bool to false in the contructor and close because pvr does not open a file on channel change.

@FernetMenta FernetMenta dvdplayer: make HasVideo return true if a video stream was opened sin…
…ce playback has started - fixes missing video info on channel change
@FernetMenta FernetMenta merged commit 0b44ba6 into xbmc:master
@FernetMenta FernetMenta deleted the FernetMenta:videoinfo branch

@elupus should we set the same strategy for HasAudio? Currently audio visualization pops up for a short while when starting a video. I think this is the reason for that.


IMO should certainly be the same for HasAudio, just for consistency. I do wonder whether this is a good solution, we might as well check for eg. > 0 then, right?


@FernetMenta IMO the reason it pops up is because we use m_bStop to control IsPlaying(). Looks to me like it'd be worth keeping track of a bool for when playback has actually started.

Collaborator > 0

We just dropped that because it didn't work for pvr. When changing channels there are no open streams.

EDIT: oh, you mean OR this condition?


Nope, didn't mean OR. Are you sure there isn't any stuff that depends on the fact that HasVideo() means an actual video stream is available?


I have been running a similar change for 5 months now and wsnipex built binaries for quite a couple of testers. I haven't seen any complaints about this.


That's not the point ;-) The point is that this stuff is very sensitive (I've discovered this myself quite a few times before) and more specifically easily introduces race problems. So even if it doesn't seem to break anything right now you really want to be sure it won't in the future either. And again I must stress that I REALLY wonder whether this is the right approach. Another solution could be passing a bool argument to HasVideo/HasAudio telling it to be strict or loose when checking...


I would rather simplify things than over-complicate it. Can you construct a case where this approach does harm? Anyway we need to wait for a comment by elupus.


elupus, anything you want to to do here for now?


We could set the bool to false in CloseVideo/AudioStream unless a channel switch is active. When the channel change is completed we receive a SPECIALID_STREAMCHANGE and call OpenDefaultStreams again. The bool would be set to false for obsolete streams.
What it the best method to detect a channel change in progress?


Not in Close*Stream(). That would be racy, dvd's will close and reopen streams all the time. We should really just update it on STREAMCHANGE for those that support that.

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Commits on Mar 12, 2013
  1. @FernetMenta

    dvdplayer: make HasVideo return true if a video stream was opened sin…

    FernetMenta authored
    …ce playback has started - fixes missing video info on channel change
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8 xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDPlayer.cpp
@@ -412,6 +412,7 @@ CDVDPlayer::CDVDPlayer(IPlayerCallback& callback)
m_offset_pts = 0.0;
m_caching = CACHESTATE_DONE;
+ m_HasVideo = false;
memset(&m_SpeedState, 0, sizeof(m_SpeedState));
@@ -511,6 +512,8 @@ bool CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
+ m_HasVideo = false;
CLog::Log(LOGNOTICE, "DVDPlayer: finished waiting");
@@ -2410,9 +2413,7 @@ bool CDVDPlayer::IsPaused() const
bool CDVDPlayer::HasVideo() const
- if (m_pInputStream && m_pInputStream->IsStreamType(DVDSTREAM_TYPE_DVD)) return true;
- return m_SelectionStreams.Count(STREAM_VIDEO) > 0 ? true : false;
+ return m_HasVideo;
bool CDVDPlayer::HasAudio() const
@@ -2924,6 +2925,7 @@ bool CDVDPlayer::OpenVideoStream(int iStream, int source, bool reset)
m_CurrentVideo.hint = hint; = (void*)pStream;
m_CurrentVideo.started = false;
+ m_HasVideo = true;
/* we are potentially going to be waiting on this */
m_dvdPlayerVideo.SendMessage(new CDVDMsg(CDVDMsg::PLAYER_STARTED), 1);
2  xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDPlayer.h
@@ -489,4 +489,6 @@ class CDVDPlayer : public IPlayer, public CThread, public IDVDPlayer
} m_EdlAutoSkipMarkers;
CPlayerOptions m_PlayerOptions;
+ bool m_HasVideo;
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