Added hotplug support for Linux input devices. #2435

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I have bluetooth devices in my Raspberry running XBMC. These devices are not present, unless i wake them up.

This patch makes sure, unplugged devices are recognized and thus freeing the devices handle. New devices are scanned for every 10 seconds and integrated into the existing device configuration w/o flushing old devices.

Also i added a scan for /dev/tty1 to obtain a valid keyboard-layout, since /dev/tty0 is unconfigured in some linux flavours.


Please rebase and drop the extraneous commits. You can just force push to your branch to avoid opening a new PR.



@ghost ghost merged commit d55df9a into xbmc:master Apr 6, 2013

This is also an issue for Android. Is there some way this patch can also be applied for the Android version?


As far as I can tell, hotplugging does not work in the current XBMC version on Linux. At least not for my Xbox 360 controllers.

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