[Regression?] add/restore possibility to disable some embedded subtitles #2471

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Fixed a problem where it was not possible to disable some types of embedded subtitles.
Refs #13993 and probably #14079. This should also fix them.

It appears that a call to SetSubtitleVisible is not enough to actually disable a subtitle in the DVDPlayer. Maybe there's a better way to fix this but I'm not that familiar with the entire codebase yet.

Fixed a problem where it was not possible to disable some types of em…
…bedded subtitles.

Refs #13993 and probably #14079

elupus commented Mar 19, 2013

Forced subs should always be visible. So this won't do. If it's a recent
regression I suspect we are not copying bForced flag in CDVDOverlay copy

Those subs aren't forced. Read http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/13993 and http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/14079 for more detailed information. By the way, I'm not really sure what this does to forced subs but I guess not much, I saw the logic for that elsewhere in the code.


elupus commented Mar 20, 2013

No, but the stuff I mentioned could case them to be assumed forced...


MartijnKaijser commented Aug 1, 2013

ping @DataGhost
(also needs a rebase)


jmarshallnz commented May 4, 2014

Closing as abandoned. If there's still an issue here, feel free to ping to reopen.

@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz closed this May 4, 2014

@MartijnKaijser MartijnKaijser modified the milestones: Abandoned, obsolete or superseeded, Awaiting answer from dev May 4, 2014

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