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Powerdown System after play #249

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CrHasher commented Jul 5, 2011

Updated on 2011.Oct.12

This is an alternative shutdown method. When video, music or playlist is playing than power menu displays a new button "Power off after play" pressing this button will shut down computer when playback ends. After above mentioned button is pressed "Cancel power off after play" button appears to be able to cancel shutdown.

@jmarshallnz & @topfs2 & @pieh: Better aletrantive to #237 because:

  1. Is not included in the video player GUI (no button added there).
  2. Powers off system on video, audio, even playlist end, not just on currently played video end.
  3. If power down is not supported on a system new button won't even show up in shutdown menu.

NOTE: To easily access this feature press button that brings up "Shutdown Menu" ([S] on Keyboard) while playing something.

Updated on 2012.March.19

@jmarshallnz: Moved bool from Settings to Application

wmyrda commented Jan 30, 2013

+1 for having this included

Team Kodi member
topfs2 commented Jan 31, 2013

I think I say the same as in the last PR, it does essentially the same as idle power down does. With the exception that you can have that disabled and press this to get that behavior temporarily.

That being said, I think it could be a valid interaction but I don't think it fits in core (c++) of xbmc.
As far as I can tell you should be able to create this with a python service addon and let the skins which wants it depend on that addon?

Team Kodi member

IMO all use cases can be achieved using a sleep timer which several skins automatically implement. I can't see any other use case for powering off after playback - the only case that makes sense if you're playing stuff while going to sleep or whatever, in which case Sleep already achieves it.


Sorry for posing on a closed pull, but please see

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