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fix: honor the aspect ratio of splash screen(and possibly other images) #341

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this is fix suggested by @jmarshallnz on IRC. I have tested that the splash image is no longer distorted on iPad and it looks as it did before on OSX.

if no one has any objection I will push this in in few days



It would be useful if this is run past skinners - perhaps make a post in the dev forums? Essentially it makes center keep aspect ratio by slightly resizing it in width and height (essentially keeping the total number of pixels the same). I don't think there'll be any objections.


did test it this morning and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary...
but then again, i didn't quite know what to look for.

am i correct in understanding this has only effect on textures that use aspectratio 'center' ?


Correct - only things that use center.


ok, only skin using that is Shade.
will have a look-see.


thx @ronie, I'll push it in soon

@amet amet merged commit a59fcf5 into xbmc:master
@ghost Unknown referenced this pull request from a commit
@opdenkamp opdenkamp pvr: fixed - CPVRManager::IsRecording() should check for active timer…
…s, not present recordings. credits: @ivovka. closes #341
@tru tru referenced this pull request from a commit in plexinc/plex-home-theater-public
@tru tru Moved filters into a dialog and get them working!
Fixes #356
Fixes #341
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  1. +2 −2 xbmc/guilib/GUITexture.cpp
4 xbmc/guilib/GUITexture.cpp
@@ -397,8 +397,8 @@ bool CGUITextureBase::CalculateSize()
if (m_aspect.ratio == CAspectRatio::AR_CENTER)
{ // keep original size + center
- newWidth = m_frameWidth;
- newHeight = m_frameHeight;
+ newWidth = m_frameWidth / sqrt(pixelRatio);
+ newHeight = m_frameHeight * sqrt(pixelRatio);
if (m_aspect.align & ASPECT_ALIGN_LEFT)
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