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WeatherProviderLogo property cleanup #3450

merged 1 commit into from 9 months ago

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Zeljko Ametovic Martijn Kaijser ronie
Zeljko Ametovic
Martijn Kaijser

do we clear the rest of the properties as well? on second thought how much of this is still handled really in core as we moved to addons for weather (maybe it indeed better to get addons clean up as you first suggested)?

Zeljko Ametovic

@MartijnKaijser we then need to rely on addon author to do it properly. I think I like it like this better.. we have the control over it.

other properties are cleaned on refresh/update


tested and works ok.

Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser merged commit 8647a8e into from
Zeljko Ametovic amet deleted the branch
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Oct 18, 2013
Zeljko Ametovic amet WeatherProviderLogo property cleanup b325a79
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  1. +5 0 xbmc/utils/Weather.cpp
5 xbmc/utils/Weather.cpp
@@ -491,7 +491,12 @@ void CWeather::OnSettingChanged(const CSetting *setting)
491 491
492 492 const std::string settingId = setting->GetId();
493 493 if (settingId == "weather.addon")
  494 + {
  495 + // clear "WeatherProviderLogo" property that some weather addons set
  496 + CGUIWindow* window = g_windowManager.GetWindow(WINDOW_WEATHER);
  497 + window->SetProperty("WeatherProviderLogo", "");;
494 498 Refresh();
  499 + }
495 500 }
496 501
497 502 void CWeather::OnSettingAction(const CSetting *setting)

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