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[subsCore] close search window if playback is stopped #4267

merged 1 commit into from 5 months ago

3 participants

Zeljko Ametovic jmarshallnz Martijn Kaijser
Zeljko Ametovic

as the title says, this closes the subtitle search window if player has stopped playing the file. Currently window stays open and user needs to close it manually.

@jmarshallnz thoughts please if you have a sec. it does seem to "fix" stuff but I am not sure that you would want it in Gotham.... up to you and @t-nelson


Yeah, this isn't really suitable as that's fired off-thread.

The less elegant but 'correct' solution is to add the dialog to the list that are closed already in GUIWindowFullScreen.cpp - see OnDeinitWindow or thereabouts.

Zeljko Ametovic

@jmarshallnz better?

jmarshallnz jmarshallnz merged commit 4542af8 into from


Zeljko Ametovic amet deleted the branch
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Feb 24, 2014
Zeljko Ametovic amet [subsCore] close search window if playback is stopped 10432e9
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  1. +2 0  xbmc/video/windows/GUIWindowFullScreen.cpp
2  xbmc/video/windows/GUIWindowFullScreen.cpp
@@ -424,6 +424,8 @@ bool CGUIWindowFullScreen::OnMessage(CGUIMessage& message)
424 424 if (pDialog) pDialog->Close(true);
425 425 pDialog = (CGUIDialog *)g_windowManager.GetWindow(WINDOW_DIALOG_PVR_OSD_CUTTER);
426 426 if (pDialog) pDialog->Close(true);
  427 + pDialog = (CGUIDialog *)g_windowManager.GetWindow(WINDOW_DIALOG_SUBTITLES);
  428 + if (pDialog) pDialog->Close(true);
427 429
428 430 CGUIWindow::OnMessage(message);
429 431

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