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Settings cleanup #4280

merged 20 commits into from Feb 27, 2014

7 participants

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Signoff already from @opdenkamp and @xhaggi on the PVR changes, @ace20022 on the external subs, and various others on the various others.

This needs to go in after the settings description stuff (rebase required).

Team Kodi member

@jmarshallnz looks good. I think it could be simplified further after branching.

Team Kodi member

looks good

one could argue if the moving of the subtitle settings to a separate tab could be named "language" instead of "subtitles" and combine the audio stream settings in it.
Maybe that's something for G+1

Team Kodi member
da-anda commented Feb 26, 2014

@jmarshallnz so no renaming of subtitle.languages to locale.spokenlanguages for now? The mentioned simplification in your mail won't work up to the level you imagined - we still will need preferred audio/subtitle languages settings and can't cover those by just one languages setting with ordered priorities (audio could be "same as UI" while subs would be "same as audio")

Team Kodi member
fritsch commented Feb 26, 2014

@da-anda: hwscalers do scaling accelerated by hardware. Processing has a tone of "done after it is decoded" and this acceleration avoids.

Team Kodi member

@da-anda: Correct. This setting is used only for subs at the moment, and only used to specify which subs to download. Only once we have an ordered list can the preferred subtitles or preferred audio be changed to a similar scheme.

Jonathan Mar... and others added some commits Feb 27, 2014
Jonathan Marshall [settings] move audio stream language from locale to video settings 89bf684
Jonathan Marshall [settings] better grouping under Video|Music->Library settings ee59640
Jonathan Marshall [settings] pause after refresh should be a child of enable refresh ra…
…te, and sync type is a child of sync to display
Jonathan Marshall [settings] arrange/enable PVR settings a little nicer 9e149c5
Jonathan Marshall [settings] replaygain and crossfading subsettings should enable based…
… on the state of their parent
Jonathan Marshall [settings] audio rip settings are children of the encoder type 2354edb
Jonathan Marshall [settings] upnp announcements depend on the upnp server being enabled c091e16
Jonathan Marshall [settings] the video screen settings are children of the monitor setting f603f22
Jonathan Marshall [settings] enable/disable audio setting controls based on state rathe…
…r than hiding them
Jonathan Marshall [settings] masterlock at start is a child setting of masterlock being…
… enabled
da-anda [settings] cleanup video decoding settings (hw-accel + frame-multi-th…
…readed) by moving them to their own settings category
Jonathan Marshall [settings] move subtitle downloading to the bottom of the subtitles s…
Jonathan Marshall [settings] move preferred subtitle language below languages to download 5ff1dcb
Jonathan Marshall [settings] move subtitle stereoscopic depth next to subtitle position…
… on screen
da-anda [subtitles] change settings logic for subtitle storage location (make…
… it a spinner)
Jonathan Marshall [settings] enable teletext scaling only if teletext is enabled c33abc6
Jonathan Marshall [settings] pvrpowermanagement settings/timers to be dependent on powe…
…rmanagement being enabled
Jonathan Marshall [subtitles] drop 'prefer external' option, always preferring ba2c760
Jonathan Marshall [settings] drop unused videolibrary.seasonthumbs 60aa177
Jonathan Marshall [settings] move 'flatten library' into video->library 3045ef9
Team Kodi member

Rebased up after the settings description stuff.

@t-nelson your button (build not required)


I'd better just ram it in before someone shows up with paint.

@t-nelson t-nelson merged commit d5fa138 into xbmc:master Feb 27, 2014
Team Kodi member
da-anda commented Feb 27, 2014

@jmarshallnz I still think the other approach would be better. Define once which languages you care about or speak (which will also be the ones subtitles are downloaded for) and then only specify the preferred of those languages for subs and audio instead of having to specify the same languages over and over again. As I already mentioned having a priorized order for preferred audio/subs won't work for all scenarios, like when you prefer the subs to match the audio stream instead of a specific language. But well, in doubt we have to create a migration path if we change the settings name.

btw thanks for splitting it up into several commits

@arnova arnova commented on the diff Mar 7, 2014
- <control type="spinner" format="integer" delayed="true"/>
+ <control type="spinner" format="integer" />
+ </setting>
+ <setting id="subtitles.custompath" parent="subtitles.storagemode" type="path" label="21366" help="36191">
+ <level>1</level>
+ <default></default>
+ <constraints>
+ <allowempty>true</allowempty>
+ <writable>false</writable>
+ <sources>
+ <source>videos</source>
+ </sources>
+ </constraints>
+ <dependencies>
+ <dependency type="enable" setting="subtitles.storagemode" operator="is">1</dependency>
Team Kodi member
arnova added a note Mar 7, 2014

@jmarshallnz : The above dependency should be dropped. Custom subtitle path should always be configurable, else eg. our subtitle fallbacks don't work properly.

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@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz deleted the jmarshallnz:settings_cleanup branch Jul 11, 2014
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