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I needed those changes for building the Debian package and I think they would be useful in vanilla XBMC, too.

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external FFMPEG got removed for a reason. You are trying to bypass that again. We do not want anyone to use external FFMPEG as it can/will cause issues. Besides PRs should always be done to master repo unless one of our release managers says so.


Please note that XBMC (from Debian) 12.3 works pretty well for many users with external ffmpeg:
Please also note that the I have discussed the support for using external libraries and it is provided in Debian:
I noticed and understand that --enable-external-ffmpeg has been removed from ./configure's parameters to not let XBMC users enable it easily. I have not touched that part, I don't want to get the XBMC project flooded with bug reports.
I still carry a lot of patches in Debian which I don't want to push upstream, but if you check the ones I offered here I think you will find then acceptable.
I have just uploaded Gotham Beta1 to Debian experimental and it works nicely.

I will create a PR against master.

@rbalint rbalint referenced this pull request Mar 7, 2014

Debian build fixes #4358

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@FernetMenta Thanks, it seems sooner or later I can get reasonable answers. :-)

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as you can see from the commits, support for shared libs is back but we require an up-to-date version of ffmpeg. the wrapper which enabled support for libav and libav-hacks is dropped. this was neither maintained nor tested by anybody.
once you have switched back to ffmpeg at debian we will be back to normal. looking forward to this,


OK. As a side note libav-hacks is being used in Debian and seems to work well.

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you have just created a piece of crap. ruined great software, well done :(


I have nothing to do with this report.
Debian's official packages' start log looks like this:
14:44:31 T:2998331840 NOTICE: Starting XBMC from Debian (13.0-BETA1 Debian package version:2:13.0~beta1+dfsg1-1). Platform: x86 Linux 32-bit

The log linked in the bug report looks like the official XBMC's one:
21:01:33 T:140173132462080 NOTICE: Starting XBMC (13.0-BETA1 Git:Unknown). Platform: x86 Linux 64-bit

21:01:45 T:140172441245440   DEBUG: DllAvUtilBase: Using libavutil system library
21:01:45 T:140172441245440   DEBUG: DllAvCodec: Using libavcodec system library
21:01:45 T:140172441245440   DEBUG: DllAvFormat: Using libavformat system library

whoever built that debian package. it does NOT use xbmc's ffmpeg. it uses EXTERNAL ffmpeg. so yea libavhack "seems to work" != "it works"


@stefansaraev It uses external ffmpeg, but not the libav-hack
@FernetMenta I have just checked and the package I created from XBMC for Debian experimental exits to XBMC menu instead of hanging after the corrupt file becomes totally unusable

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