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IptcParser: Updated the iptc parser code (from the public domain software jhead). IPTC data that commercial tools (like Adobe PS and Lightroom) produce were not readable by xbmc. This improved parser now supports recent IPTC versions.

ExifParser: Added support for the exif tag ImageDescription. The code that presents the info to the ui was already there; only a few lines in the parser were missing.

fetzerch and others added some commits Oct 17, 2011
@fetzerch fetzerch Added support for the exif ImageDescription tag to libexif and made i…
…t accessible through slideshow.exifdescription.
@fetzerch fetzerch Updated the iptc parser to support different iptc variants. (pd code …
…from jhead)
@fetzerch fetzerch Changed picture info string formats of focal length and exposure time…
… to more common format.
@fetzerch fetzerch Show picture description, location and camera info in slideshow. 842b56c
@fetzerch fetzerch Fixed Iptc parser under 64bit linux 9f027ea
@davilla davilla [gles] fixed, use glUniform1f with float values, duh. thx bob fd40f8d
@opdenkamp opdenkamp fixed: PeripheralTypeTranslator::IntToHexString() was leaking. thanks…
… spiff
@davilla davilla [ios] changed, try to future proof the runtime check for iOS5 990f4c4
@davilla davilla changed, add --enable-neon configure switch to pass into ffmpeg. defa…
…ult to no. fixed xbmc on iOS5 where ASLR is causing kernel panics when dlopen of neon enable avcodec
@opdenkamp opdenkamp fixed: don't spam 'libcec not found' warnings when the CEC adapter is…
… found but libcec can't be found or when support wasn't compiled in. once is enough.
@opdenkamp opdenkamp fixed: cec - handle the stop/pause/play buttons on the tv's remote. t…
…hey're not sent as keypresses but as opcodes PLAY and DECK_CONTROL when XBMC is selected as active playback device
@pieh pieh skin vars: add missing support for infocolor d5c3f1f
@pieh pieh fix build after f1d78b3 75b620f
@pieh pieh silence macro redefinition warning in win32 opengl debug build c8e7d1f
@firnsy firnsy changed: ensure db copy process is accurate with it's failures. f288847
@firnsy firnsy fixed: mysql custom names should be tested last and sqlite fallback s…
…hould only occur if a new mysql db can't be created.
@davilla davilla fixes 12113, += syntax in configure.in breaks configure script da7e9de
@opdenkamp opdenkamp fixed: libusb/libudev/libcec configure mess. logic is like this: libu…
…dev OR libusb is needed for usb device detection in XBMC under linux. if libudev is available, we don't need libusb and we prefer libudev, since it provides more information about the hardware (for the cec adapter, we need libudev in order to automatically detect the correct port. with libusb, users will have to enter the port path manually). because usb devices won't be detected when both libusb and libudev are not available, libcec will be useless, so it's disabled in that case.
@firnsy firnsy fixed: check if mysql copy source db is non-empty before creating the…
… copy destination db.
@firnsy firnsy changed: reinstate custom db names for mysql to allow for unique prof…
…ile db combinations.
@firnsy firnsy fixed: ensure views are recreated when an upgrade occurs on a latest …
…version db.
@fetzerch fetzerch Imon Patch. 7d6b64f
@fetzerch fetzerch Fixed compilation. 2008110
@fetzerch fetzerch Remove a leading dash from the title string (containing the subtitle)…
… when the subtitle is empty.
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: notify decoder when refresh rate is going to change and flush …
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: remove recover variable and use diplay state c3cfaed
@Memphiz Memphiz [fix] - fixed closeing order for FilePipe - thx to team boxee efac55f
@Memphiz Memphiz [fix] - eof in bxacodec - thx to team boxee 323e845
@dsoms dsoms updated catalan translation 5f12c73
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: fix memory leak and access violation in vdpau_render_state str…
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: revamp error recovery, verify picture buffers from ffmpeg beca…
…use some decoders like vc-1 dont flush
@FernetMenta FernetMenta ffmpeg: reopen decoder if hw decoder was flushed 856e56a
@FernetMenta FernetMenta LinuxRendererGL: call glFinish in uninit 8b44584
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: change order of creation/clear down of pixmap and presentation…
… queue
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: squash me b6862b8
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: clear down immediately when display is lost 7a67277
@FernetMenta FernetMenta vdpau: debug msg cd52602
@fetzerch fetzerch closed this Oct 22, 2011
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