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Fixed Karaoke Video Background player #576

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gyunaev commented Dec 18, 2011

The existing version is based on pretty hackish usage of CDVDPlayer which wasn't designed to be called this way. So it kept breaking one way or another (and some modes like Advanced GLSL or VDPAU acceleration never worked for karaoke video), and now it has been broken for the last few months or so.

Hence a new background video player is created, based on ffmpeg. It is quite simple because we don't care about sound or the frame rate synchronization.

For Windows/Mac you'll need to add new files xbmc/music/karaoke/karaokevideobackground.cpp / h into the build system, otherwise it won't link.

George Yunaev added some commits Dec 17, 2011

George Yunaev Added support for playing Karaoke background videos. Previous support…
… was based on (hacked) usage of DVDPlayer and got broken all the time, to the point of no fix now.
George Yunaev Fixed mistypes, finished switching to forward pointers in headers 8e29b92
George Yunaev - Fixed a memory leak on unprocessed packets
- Fixed rendering on slow machines
George Yunaev - Video player now correctly remembers the old position and continues…
… the video.
George Yunaev Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' e1c42f5
George Yunaev Fixed useless optimization which leads to crashes on recent GCC while…
… playing MIDI files

jmarshallnz commented Mar 17, 2012

bbac68b seems to be unrelated? The merge should be rebased away as well.

George Yunaev added some commits Jun 18, 2012

George Yunaev Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
George Yunaev Fixed the video background player to use new FFMpeg API ad4a6a1

gyunaev commented Jun 19, 2012

All that git stuff makes me want to switch back to CVS :(
How do you rebase it?

@gyunaev gyunaev closed this Jul 7, 2012


gyunaev commented Jul 7, 2012

Disregard that, I'll redo it.

@mikrohard mikrohard referenced this pull request in mikrohard/xbmc Jul 18, 2012

@fetzerch fetzerch + Lars Op den Kamp pvr: fixed - mark as watched: store play count as int instead of bool.
…closes #576

@dalehamel dalehamel pushed a commit to RasPlex/plex-home-theatre that referenced this pull request Aug 13, 2013

@elan elan Merge pull request #576 from mikedm139/frodo
update X-Plex headers
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