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Makefile cleanup #61

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amet commented Mar 11, 2011


this pull request is a cleanup of osx and ios/atv depends Makefiles. it eliminates the need for downloading multiple copies of tarballs from our site and instead downloads it to a common location so that osx and ios/atv depends can use it. it will take some load of and will speed up the dependencies build, not to mention the cleaner code :)

any comments?


ghost commented Mar 11, 2011

I know this is closed, but I only just now got the mail...

It'd be even cleaner yet if you allowed the user to define the TARBALL_LOCATION in some config file (not in tree) which you "-include" (doesn't fail if the file is missing) at the top of each makefile, then use ?= (set only if unset) to set default values. This would also allow the user to store the tarballs outside the tree so they don't have to redl them after git clean -xdf.

Why the switch from append to .gitignore to overwrite? The target should only be executed once, so it shouldn't be needlessly growing.

amet commented Mar 11, 2011

/Users/Shared/xbmc-depends/tarballs does not need root access and is next to ios-4.2_arm7 and osx-10.4_i386, also TARBALL_LOCATION is outside the tree and git clean -xdf has no effect on it

switch from append to ignore is cos the tarball doesn't need to be added to .gitignore any more as its outside the git tree

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