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amet commented Mar 14, 2011

simple one I hope, takes care of almost all "#ifdef _XBOX"(the remaining ones are left in on elupus and cptspiffs request)

Tested on OSX, would need win and linux sign off I suppose


davilla commented Mar 14, 2011

Can we get comments attached to the ones remaining as to why they should be left in ? That way they don't get accidentally purged by mistake at some time in the future.


Looks OK to me - I don't mind either way how this one goes (most of them are in parts of the codebase that aren't touched on a regular basis).

theuni commented Mar 15, 2011

not a code signoff, but builds/runs ok in linux.

amet commented Mar 15, 2011


k, fixed.. squished it together.

Thanks, missed #ifndef, somehow read it as #ifdef :)

elupus commented Mar 24, 2011

I think you can push this.

@amet amet merged commit 5dd7ae1 into xbmc:master Mar 25, 2011
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@opdenkamp opdenkamp pvr: fix CPVRTimers::IsRecordingOnChannel. closes #65 1d1f77a

Please restrict commentary on github to comments regarding the code, to ensure the signal:noise ratio for developers is kept high. The forums are a more appropriate place for other commentary such as your comment above.

I AM a developer - just not an XBMC dev, and I will still give you people a piece of my mind. People having an independent opinion sucks doesn't it?

Sorry, just chalk it up to the 'noise' while you strike more proliferate deals with commercial HTPC hardware vendors.

davilla commented Jan 5, 2012

@twinaphex, please stop being a dick about things that you have no knowledge about.

@davilla - You win two browny points for being very mature towards your critics. Gives me a lot of faith in this (hijacked) project. To be honest, I think I was around this project long before you even entered it - just not as an active developer - which, BTW, I wouldn't even want to be right now at the state this project is at - thanks very much.

XBMC will always stand for 'Xbox Media Center' whether you guys like it or not - and the fact you're now having a cheering fest over removing the last XBOX define is proof to me you guys don't give a damn about anything other than lame HTPCs (which are on their way out anyway). You guys snub your noses at consoles and using 'SDKs' which are not authorized to be used (never mind the fact that XBMC started out with the Xbox 1 SDK to begin with - long before you were involved with this project davilla, might I add), you invent bullshit excuses for not supporting said consoles (citing that the PS3 is too weak to do it, then you go around and entertain the possiblity of Android/Raspberry Pi ports - I hope I don't have to tell you how much more inferior these systems are in comparison - because it would really show your ignorance on this matter), and in the end what it all boils down to is that FOSStards want to make some lucrative money deals with HTPC hardware vendors - so that the nice hardware vendor can get his software royalty-free and then reap those benefits by not passing any of the savings on to the consumer but rather taking them for themselves. From the perspective of the end-user, they might as well use a closed-source set-top box software package if all the difference it makes to the end-user is that your hardware vendor gets to pay less for flogging his product.

davilla commented Jan 6, 2012

Still does not change the fact that you are being a dick about things that you have no knowledge about. Now go away and take a timeout in the corner.

P.S. PS3 can't do hardware decode of video, it does not matter that GL is there now, if you can't play video on it, it's USELESS. Android/Raspberry Pi/Sigma/Amlogic, etc all have hardware video decoders available. Try and learn the technical details of what's required for a successful platform port of XBMC before you start ranting about why this or that. Gezz, some people just don't get it.

Lucrative money deals, HAHAHA. You have got to be kidding. Seriously, stop listening to Robotica/Bulkzooi, he's also as clueless as you are.

davilla - sorry to burst your ill-informed bubble - but PS3 can indeed do H264 hardware decoding on the Cell - up to quality level 5.1 - there is a Cell SPE decoder that is provided to you out of the box in the SDK. If this feature wasn't available, Showtime (a media player that still caters to consoles, unlike yours) wouldn't be able to run HD x264-encoded videos at fullspeed.

So please dude, start acting like a mature adult (like I would expect most coders in a public repo to be) and by all means do heed your own advice - GAIN KNOWLEDGE of the shit you're talking of (BTW, it's 'you have no knowledge of' - not 'no knowledge about' - just FYI - speaking intelligible English is definitely a plus in software engineering land) - in this case, your claim that the PS3 lacks hardware decoding of any kind (yeah right).

Again, you're employing the same tactic I alluded to in an earlier post - making up bullshit excuses as to why this or that platform can't be supported. This, I presume, is supposed to cover up the predisposed bias of this new HTPC-centric XBMC team. If you guys would just admit that you have no interest to pursuit consoles of any kind - that'd be one thing. But don't invent bullshit reasons which - to any seasoned coder in this area - can be discredited out of hand. Another nice fairytale i heard earlier by one of the XBMC devs on the forum was that the PS3 Cell PPU was about as fast as a Pentium 3 700MHz CPU. Nice try bubba - but I actually port software on a daily basis to PS3 - I think you would happen to find it's more along the lines of a Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU (yes, I benchmarked it - I make my claims based upon 'findings' - something you might want to try sometime - you know, not pulling claims out of thin air and having people believe it - that kind of stuff). So, again, who here 'doesn't get it'?

You want to know something else? Why the hell would I even attempt to port XBMC to PS3 when I know the lead devs have ignorant and misplaced uppity atitudes like you? That's something for you to ponder. Seriously, the response you've given me just now just screams '15-year old kid with an attitude'. I don't mean to be derogatory, but your constant 'dick' remarks and whatnot and then this ill-informed ignorant rant really speaks to that - I can play the abrasive game a lot better than you, I wouldn't attempt to go down that road for your own self-respect.

davilla commented Jan 6, 2012

Then get off your ass and port it to the PS3 if you want it. Now is the best time as all the work we have done regarding embedded platforms has made XBMC quite easy to port. Platform ports start because someone wants it so bad that they do it. That's how the iOS/ATV2 port came about. Do the port, do it non-intrusive to the rest of XBMC's code and as we say, patches/pull/reqs welcome. Which by the way, it the purpose of this pull/req to begin with. To remove whacky platform cruft that makes code maintenance a pain.

It's up to you now, stick your money where your mouth is and do it, I dare you... no I double dare you :)

To tell you the truth, I'd have to factor in how you talk down to people before I invest my time into something that won't even be appreciated by you lot. My time is my most valuable resource - something I won't ever get back - you can get your money back, but I can never get my time back.

Why do a lot of work for a bunch of trashtalking folk when there are on the other hand a lot of nice people in the Showtime camp that DO CARE and don't care about whether or not HTPC hardware vendors come on-board? Really the decision is not that hard to make.

Not to mention - when are you going to 'remove' the PS3 defines in the future for 'increased portability' if I do make that port and commit it? If your heart is not in it, it's not in it - and you're going to sacrifice ports as if it's Russian roulette.

XBMC became big because devs had their heads still screwed on and appreciated community effort - you can lose your comparative advantage at any point, and by acting like this, you won't be winning any friends anytime soon.

davilla commented Jan 6, 2012

You are the one that came into github comments and started trash talking to being with. You get what you serve. I'm done with you now and you will get banned for abusing github comments section. Good luck with Showtime devs and have nice New Year. XBMC is and shall always remain open source and that includes embedded platforms as well as desktop.

LOL at your veiled threat of me getting 'banned' for absolutely nothing except getting your poor little ego hurt. It seems your 'criteria' for getting banned is people owning you in a conversation and you not wanting to listen to criticism. You would feel right at home in North Korea.

Let's get one thing damn straight - you engaged me in a conversation (in a very impolite and abrasive manner at that) - therefore, I 'abused' nothing - you wanted a reply - and you got it - your only issue is that you were not able to destroy me with logical arguments - therefore, out comes the veiled ban threats - the last resort for people who cannot win an argument in a sensible way. and have a narcissistic ardent need to win every argument. Except you'll find you will not win anything here - the more you talk, the more you talk yourself into a corner. You made your own bed, now you get to lie in it. Accept the consequences of what happens when you try to get the last word talking to somebody who can intellectually outwit you.

You spread falsehoods about why a PS3 port wouldn't work - then when I set you straight on that, out comes the 'oh do it then'. Hence showing you had absolutely no clue about what a PS3 port would entail, yet saw no issue in spreading falsehoods anyway.

I'm done with you now too, OK bye. And you can put that offer for a PS3 port of XBMC where the sun does not shine for the record, because I will not bother developing it just FYI. Try to talk to people with more respect. Until then, your project will die a slow inevitable death. Bye now.

And finally, it's 'to begin with', not 'being with', it's 'have a nice New Year', not 'have nice New Year'. Try to make it a point to write in proper English, for the second time. Such a shame to see main devs can't even converse in proper English nowadays. How the mighty have fallen...

"...your project will die a slow inevitable death." lol

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