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Wrote a media scraper that 'just uses the filename' to add ANY movie to the library. #722

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ebley commented Feb 24, 2012

Right now there is one scraper - theMoviedB - great place to add movies and get going. However, if you wanto add your home movies to the Library so one can make playlists quickly, it is not possible. You ahve to add the files manually. The scraper I wrote is a great way for NOOBs or people who have to change playlists on a weekly or frequent basis to add home movies (or just 'movies' in general) to their playlists. Now they don't just get stuck using the file browser - they can use the Library 'right now'.

Can we add this as the second default scraper?

Team Kodi member

I suggest adding this to the official repository instead. Things that you'll want to do are:

  1. Probably use something other than .org in the metadata name (some might think you own
  2. Use lower-case characters for addon-id etc.
  3. Don't use spaces in filenames.
  4. The icon may not be acceptable - having words on it is usual not good (translation).

Additional discussion might revolve around the need to send info to (your?) server that transforms stuff before it comes back. A much better implementation would be extending the patch on trac that does everything within XBMC. After all, it's silly to have a webserver just return the filename back to XBMC...

This won't be merged into mainline, as we do not take on things that we don't maintain.

Team Kodi member
Voyager1 commented Mar 6, 2012

I wouldn't want my "by filename scraper" to be dependent on a php service running on Potential privacy issues and simply I don't see the point. Perhaps we need a binary addon that does this processing locally.

@HolgerW1 HolgerW1 pushed a commit to HolgerW1/xbmc that referenced this pull request Sep 26, 2014
@itofzo itofzo Merge branch 'change_postprocess_ignore_hidden_pass_nzb_delete' into …

* change_postprocess_ignore_hidden_pass_nzb_delete: closes gh-803

Change PostProcessing checks and rules

+ Change replace rules and inner workings   closes gh-393
+ Include PR-620-jayme-github Process files by size but reversed (biggest first)  closes gh-620
+ Add postProcessor checks: status, quality/filesize, already processed  closes gh-629
+ Change search for airdate in database instead of thetvdb
+ Add tv download dir as default manual post-process directory  closes gh-722
+ Add is_proper to nameparser
+ Change use quality from snatch history instead of status quality
+ PEP8

Add ignore hidden, pass nzb, delete empty to processTV

Add ignore hidden subfolders (subfolder starts with .)
Removing ignored_filestrings from postProcessor
because subfolders with . are not being processed.

Add pass (inherit) nzbName to subfolder
When no videofiles are in the mainfolder and there is only one subfolder,
pass nzbName to subfolder

Add delete empty folder  closes gh-777
For now only delete empty folders on scripts and automatic.
Safety net, with manual it's easier to browse and select root folder

+ Change some logging and error messages  closes gh-702 closes gh-664 closes
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