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Fix addonversion equals #814

merged 3 commits into from Mar 31, 2012

2 participants

Team Kodi member

Commit f6ec198 notes an inconsistency in the way AddonVersion comparisons are done.

In particular, note that 1.0 != 1.00 yet 1.0 is neither less than or greater than 1.00.

Similarly, 1.01 != 1.1, yet 1.1 is neither less than or greater than 1.01.

The problem is due to AddonVersion::operator==() performing lexicographical comparisons rather than the numerical comparisons done in AddonVersion::operator<().

Given that AddonVersion derives from boost::totally_ordered this is just plain wrong, as clearly it's not totally ordered.

We fix this by ensuring operator==() performs the same operations as operator<()

Jonathan Mar... added some commits Mar 26, 2012
Jonathan Marshall use < 0 rather than == -1 as it's a little clearer once operator==() …
…is implemented correctly
Jonathan Marshall fix AddonVersion::operator==() so that it is consistent with AddonVer…
Jonathan Marshall fix up AddonVersion::Test() now that == behaves as it should, and add…
… some basic info as to what is expected in a doxy comment
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz was assigned Mar 31, 2012
Team Kodi member

+1 as the current implementation is very confusing and inconsistent.

@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz merged commit aae368f into xbmc:master Mar 31, 2012
@HolgerW1 HolgerW1 pushed a commit to HolgerW1/xbmc that referenced this pull request Sep 26, 2014
@itofzo itofzo Merge branch 'PR-814-update_notifiers' into development
* PR-814-update_notifiers: closes gh-814
  Add **Always On** option for XBMC
  Update notifiers: Initial pass to standardize each notifier
@HolgerW1 HolgerW1 pushed a commit to HolgerW1/xbmc that referenced this pull request Sep 26, 2014
@itofzo itofzo Merge branch 'development'
Post-Processor tweaks
  * Ignores folders that start with `_unpack` or `_UNPACK`
  * If unable to figure out the quality from the filename, fallback
    to the episode (snatched) status
  * Other minor fixes and fixes to logging / when checks are applied.
    Commit 96d64e6

Change SB's git/source update routine to hopefully resolve the bug on
updating if you were more than 100 commits behind.

Cleanup Notifiers code. Pull #814 #823
  * Add **Always On** option for XBMC to control if sb should suppress errors
    when XBMC is offline or not.
  * Add logic to notifiers js to catch empty required fields to prevent
    unneeded testing calls.
  * Mention sending notices to Plex Home Theater (PHT), to use XBMC
    (since it mimics xbmc's json api) but with port 3005.

Update **tvdb_api** to latest. Pull #820

NZBGet update. Pull #821
  * Ported Prinz23's NZBGet 9+ appendurl + dupecheck/dupescore code from
    mr-orange's branch.
  * Fix username:password containing special characters.

Tweaked regex to filter out more subbed releases in case the indexer
did not assign them to the foreign category.
ex: `Bates.Motel.S02E07.REAL.PROPER.HDTV.XviD.HebSubs-DR`

Added `webm` to supported media extensions.

Update *rawHD* to support releases
like `Veep.S03E02.1080p.HDTV.DD5.1.H.264-NorTV`. Pull #826

Update local js for jquery 1.9.x compatibility and tweak _browser.js_. Pull #824
  * Added hack that allows users to specify `\\server\path` for a location
    and we load this as the initalDir browse path instead of previously saved value.
  * Set current path to what path we actually did load, in case the previous
    directory was not valid (we load parent folder instead)

Upgrade several js libs to fix IE related issues or to prepare for
upcoming jquery upgrade.
  * Upgrade _tablesorter_ 2.14 -> 2.16.3. Pull #827
  * Upgrade _jquery.form_ 3.35 -> 3.50 Pull #825
    * Fixed Config > Post Processing page not using ajaxForm.

Updated SB-Update message and the Config > Help & Info page to reflect
binary builds are now on GitHub instead of GoogleCode.
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