Disc stubs: Change the displayed disc title when a TV show #820

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When a disc stub is used to represent an episode (or episodes) of a TV show, the title displayed in the play/eject dialog will be the title of the episode selected, i.e. "Insert Disc: Episode Title". This is generally meaningless, as a single episode title is rarely the name of the disc, more likely the disc is a numbered volume of a complete series collection.

The first commit, then, replaces the title with the more meaningful show title, leaving the user to specify the season/disc number in the optional <message> tag, should they so wish.

The second commit takes it a step further, by also allowing the user to specify the title to be displayed in the stub file inside a <title> tag (should the default title still be inaccurate). This effectively gives the user control over both lines of the dialog.

(Separated into two commits to make it easier for me to drop the second part if deemed unnecessary, but I'll squash if it's all fine.)

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Squash, yes.

It's not clear to me that "insert showname" is a better default than "insert episodename" here. If you use the label (GetLabel) instead, you'll at least get "1x03. title" for the episode, and could then quite possibly ditch the special-casing for tvshows (by default, the label will be set to the title for movies, and the filename for files anyway - that's what's displayed in the UI, after all).


I think if it said "Insert disc for:", you'd have a point, because then it would be clear that the title that followed was representing the item you clicked (and it would make more sense to have the episode number involved using GetLabel).

However, since it says "Insert disc:", the expectation is that the title shown is that of the disc to be inserted, not the item clicked, in which case I feel my point stands, the episode title, even with numbering, is never going to be the name of the disc. The most accurate guess you can make is that the disc has the name of the show on it.

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Insert disc for: seems just as reasonable - it's unlikely that you have a single disc for the entire show, after all, so the episode info gives more info. Plus, it's pretty obvious what you just clicked on anyway, right?

Thus, the label seems the best fallback to use in the case that the user didn't specify it in the stub file.


Updated to use GetLabel, although I haven't changed the string (429) "Please insert the following disc:".
I still, however, disagree that it makes more sense to use the episode label than the series name.

Please insert the following disc:
1x01. Winter is Coming

just seems less meaningful than

Please insert the following disc:
Game of Thrones

Even without using the <message> tag to add something like "Season 1, Disc 1" underneath.

Changing the string to something like "Please insert the disc for:" also seems wrong to me, since I feel the dialog should be telling you what disc to insert, not what the item you just clicked was (like you say, that should be pretty obvious). It would also make the addition of the <title> tag in the stub file somewhat redundant. Anyway, if you do want me to change the string, let me know the right way to do it (wrt existing translations).

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The former makes sense if you have more than one disk. The latter makes sense if there's only one.

Both require additional information for the user to determine exactly what disk to insert, and this information is likely to be provided anyway by the user. If the user doesn't like the behaviour, you've added a nice way to for them to override anyway.

I reckon with the extension stuff fixed this is ready to go.


I still disagree... but otherwise, done.

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@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz was assigned Mar 30, 2012
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz merged commit 7098b9d into xbmc:master Mar 30, 2012
@tru tru added a commit to plexinc/plex-home-theater-public that referenced this pull request Mar 14, 2014
@tru tru Learn CONTAINER_NUMITEMS count correctly.
Fixes #820
@HolgerW1 HolgerW1 pushed a commit to HolgerW1/xbmc that referenced this pull request Sep 26, 2014
@itofzo itofzo Merge branch 'PR-820_tvdb_api_update' into development
* PR-820_tvdb_api_update: closes gh-820

* Skip episodes which are missing SeasonNumber or Episode Number (or DVD_season or DVD_episodenumber)
* Avoid excessive calls to the ShowContainer garbage collection
* fix ShowContainer cache resizing
@HolgerW1 HolgerW1 pushed a commit to HolgerW1/xbmc that referenced this pull request Sep 26, 2014
@itofzo itofzo Merge branch 'development'
Post-Processor tweaks
  * Ignores folders that start with `_unpack` or `_UNPACK`
  * If unable to figure out the quality from the filename, fallback
    to the episode (snatched) status
  * Other minor fixes and fixes to logging / when checks are applied.
    Commit 96d64e6

Change SB's git/source update routine to hopefully resolve the bug on
updating if you were more than 100 commits behind.

Cleanup Notifiers code. Pull #814 #823
  * Add **Always On** option for XBMC to control if sb should suppress errors
    when XBMC is offline or not.
  * Add logic to notifiers js to catch empty required fields to prevent
    unneeded testing calls.
  * Mention sending notices to Plex Home Theater (PHT), to use XBMC
    (since it mimics xbmc's json api) but with port 3005.

Update **tvdb_api** to latest. Pull #820

NZBGet update. Pull #821
  * Ported Prinz23's NZBGet 9+ appendurl + dupecheck/dupescore code from
    mr-orange's branch.
  * Fix username:password containing special characters.

Tweaked regex to filter out more subbed releases in case the indexer
did not assign them to the foreign category.
ex: `Bates.Motel.S02E07.REAL.PROPER.HDTV.XviD.HebSubs-DR`

Added `webm` to supported media extensions.

Update *rawHD* to support releases
like `Veep.S03E02.1080p.HDTV.DD5.1.H.264-NorTV`. Pull #826

Update local js for jquery 1.9.x compatibility and tweak _browser.js_. Pull #824
  * Added hack that allows users to specify `\\server\path` for a location
    and we load this as the initalDir browse path instead of previously saved value.
  * Set current path to what path we actually did load, in case the previous
    directory was not valid (we load parent folder instead)

Upgrade several js libs to fix IE related issues or to prepare for
upcoming jquery upgrade.
  * Upgrade _tablesorter_ 2.14 -> 2.16.3. Pull #827
  * Upgrade _jquery.form_ 3.35 -> 3.50 Pull #825
    * Fixed Config > Post Processing page not using ajaxForm.

Updated SB-Update message and the Config > Help & Info page to reflect
binary builds are now on GitHub instead of GoogleCode.
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