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JezzX commented Apr 6, 2012

You can see visual differences here
but main differences are

  • Removed the background for each section in favor of a single background (and option to change them)
  • Changed the default font used to androids 4.0.0 Roboto font
  • Added recently Added albums to home
  • Bumped up the recently added in home to 10 of each (scroll-able)
  • Added the "global search" to home (this means that that script will also need to be shipped with XBMC right?)
  • Bumped up the weather forecast to 10 days (if the weather add-on fills it default does 6 currently)
  • Added a little |> play icon next to list items to say that you are currently watching a video file but not finished it (where the watched tick is)

this also takes care of

Problems are

  • There is a issue with scroll bars not updating and static content pieh was looking into it
  • The ListItem.IsResumable condition to show the little |> icon next to items not watching is buggy again pieh was looking into it

Comment away


mad-max commented Apr 6, 2012

Hey Jezz,

really nice additions...
I will close the other PR in favor your "monster" :D
Unfortunately I can't see if there are string changes as my browser always crashes by attempting to view the diff...
If there are string changes I can take care of...


JezzX commented Apr 6, 2012

Max no point translating it until it gets but in anyway I may have to just pick and choose bits that go in (I hope not) but all I did was add one string and remove one


jmarshallnz commented Apr 14, 2012

@JezzX Perhaps a download of the skin might make it one step easier for those that want to test it out. Perhaps it's identical to the confluence_lite already available?


JezzX commented Apr 14, 2012

Its had a few updates but yeah I'll make a new build of it and upload it as a different skin to my Google code account so people can just install it separately and try it


JezzX commented Apr 14, 2012

Ok here you go for all the slackers out there (obviously not for pvr since its a pull request for master) you can use the install from zip for it
And jut for kicks here is 2 themes for it "Fire" (red) and "Kryptonite" (green) these you will have to manually extract I guess since it probably wont do a install from zip with no addon.xml

P.S the themes are not part of the pull request because they double the size of the skin to 8mb

athloni commented Apr 14, 2012

Will Kiosk mode finaly be implemented?


JezzX commented Apr 14, 2012

nope because its confusing and really does not translate well. I'm more for the ship default with limited stuff available and then let users turn on an advanced setting than make it impossible for users to change anything at all

JezzX added some commits Mar 26, 2012

@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Removed all Backgrounds in favor of 1 default o…
…ne and changed the default font to Roboto from android
@JezzX JezzX Removed: [Confluence] All traces of "Caps" fonts (except for main men…
…u in home)
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Faded the Background a little more when fanart …
…is there
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Moved the main home menu down a little 46f1170
@JezzX JezzX Removed: [Confluence] the option to set custom backgrounds d5fcaca
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Skin settings had no background 4a79421
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] "Movies" and "TV Shows" are now enabled by defa…
…ult on home if you have the media content and recently added only shows if those buttons are focused (not videos anymore)
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] removed "'Videos' button always goes to video '…
…Files'" option in skin settings and replaced it with default logic of

* If you previously have clicked a direct link home menu option (eg: Movies, MusicVideos, Add-ons) clicking "Videos" will always take you to the root directory
* If you previously navigate around from the Main "Videos" button clicking "Videos" on home again will take you to the last place you were
@JezzX JezzX Added: back a background for the settings window d149233
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] shaved down the size of settings.jpg since its …
…not needed to be that big
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Moved the home Recently Added down a little 96dfe19
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Moved the Recently Added Items in home window d…
…own and changed there headers to the default XBMC library ones of "Recently added movies" and "Recently Added Episodes"
@JezzX JezzX Changed: Confluence Made the home menu Selected color different so it…
…s easy to tell it has focus
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] Recently added albums to the home screen when Mus…
…ic is selected
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Movie Now Playing went under recently added albums 9f82add
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Various Alignment stuff f8b6d1d
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] More design changes (mostly header bar) 786a5fb
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Aesthetics e776f7a
@JezzX JezzX changed: [Confluence] Main Background 4ec071d
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Made media-overlay.png a jpg file for faster lo…
…ading on embedded devices
@JezzX JezzX Changed: Made the RecentAddedBack.png more transparent 382ad2d
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] gave each window a proper header icon 77adbca
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Made the content panel more transparent ca31f11
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Put the fanart back on top of the background be…
…cause I'm sure thats how people will want it
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] reduced the number of Recently added albums to 4 20f1ae4
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] some old code causing log errors 9cf933d
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] a global search option to above the main bar c453f97
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] skin stuff needed for global search script 15c5251
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] Better mouse/touch support 113e973
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] if you had less recently added than home shows yo…
…u would get blank spaces that lost navigation
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Now supports up to a 10 day weather forecast if…
… the day labels are set
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Bumped up the recently added in home items to 1…
…0 of each and put them back to being a list because its more natural to scroll
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] alignment of Muted icon e8296a5
@JezzX JezzX Removed: [Confluence] some unused images c73fbaa
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] very small alignment changes 8c99673
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] recently added focus text color 15ca405
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] "Duration" bottom right of file lists to "Total…
… Duration" to better reflect its for the whole folder not just the selected file
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] a "Can Resume" icon to the file lists (not thumb …
…panels yet) to tell if your in the middle of watching something. It looks like a play icon where the "Watched" tick would be
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] thumbnail view if container content is Movies o…
…r seasons or tvshows (with posters enabled) then show a more poster aspect icon instead of a square thumb
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] log errors f3099ac
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] re-added back the Arial based font set 4bfad22
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] All home add-on shortcuts can now select Progra…
…m add-ons as well as their own section type since they are a mixed bag eg: add programs add-on "TV Show Next Aired" too the Videos menu
@JezzX JezzX Added: [Confluence] support for TV Next Aired Add-on f018c91
@JezzX JezzX Restored: [Confluence] Missing Weather fanart after change to unified…
… background
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Services background suck back in after a merge ef3ea1b
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Separated out the code for the home screen add-…
…on shortcuts and gave them a transition effect when the content changes
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Added support for changing background based on …
…a Theme xbt filename
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Added option to disable recently added videos a…
…nd albums separate on the home screen and enabled them by default
@JezzX JezzX Removed: [Confluence] All languages blanked out string <string id="31…
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Don't rely on Global search script and only sho…
…w the search button in home if its actually installed and enabled

@JezzX JezzX added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 30, 2012

@JezzX JezzX Merge pull request #857 from JezzX/Confluence_Lite
Merge of Confluence_Lite skin back into main Confluence master

@JezzX JezzX merged commit 2c9c4ee into xbmc:master Apr 30, 2012

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