cec - libCEC 1.7 and firmware v2 support (for wake over CEC) #887

merged 4 commits into from Jul 3, 2012
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
Commits on Jul 2, 2012
  1. cec: libCEC 1.7.1 support and fixes. libCEC 1.6.1+ is needed when usi…

    opdenkamp committed Apr 16, 2012
    …ng firmware v2 on the CEC adapter, which adds wake over CEC
      * added a new setting to control whether to put the TV in standby when the player is put in standby.
      * added some button mappings: all menu related buttons -> menu, previous channel -> teletext, added support for the channels list on samsung, mapped next fav -> menu (when available)
      * display the firmware version and firmware revision date in the peripheral manager (if available)
      * handle the new CEC alert callback (libCEC 1.6+)
      * replaced 'Put this PC in standby mode when the TV is switched off' with an enum that allows the user to chose between 'Ignore', 'Suspend' and 'Shutdown'
      * display a warning if the port cannot be opened because of permission problems or when the port is busy
      * map NEXT_FAVORITE, DOT and AN_RETURN to XINPUT_IR_REMOTE_TITLE (context menu)
      * added libCEC 1.7.0 support, which adds physical address autodetection for AMD graphics cards, and some nVidia cards on Linux. when the address is autodetected, then the 'HDMI port number' and 'connected to HDMI device' settings will be hidden
      * fixed - crash when changing settings without libCEC started.
      * fixed - range of wake and power-off devices
      * fixed - update the correct standby device setting ('standby_devices' not 'wake_devices')
      * fixed - don't get the settings from the eeprom, but always use the settings provided in xbmc
      * fixed - ignore OnScreensaverDeactivated message if it was triggered by a shutdown/suspend command. If the screensaver is activated and hence the tv is in standby, a shutdown command will first deactivate the screensaver and then start the shutdown. The tv will be turned on but immediately send a standby command which may be ignored if it is still powering on.
      * fixed - don't crash when XBMC was compiled with libCEC support, but libcec.dll/.so/.dylib can't be loaded. display a kaitoast warning instead.
      * fixed - re-check the menu language and audiosystem status after the user changes settings
      * fixed - keypress handling. handle diagonal buttons properly
      * fixed - include system.h in Peripheral.h, or HAVE_LIBCEC may not be defined
      * fixed - don't reinit the connection when libCEC detected that the connection was lost, but just display a warning message. the OS will detect that the device has been removed and will already close the connection
      * fixed - ensure that the callbacks are reset to NULL before setting them
      * win32 - pthreadVC2.dll is no longer needed and not included in the zip anymore, so don't try to copy it
  2. peripherals: call OnDeviceRemoved() before destructing a device when …

    opdenkamp committed Apr 23, 2012
    …the device was unplugged