Support for MythTV 0.25 in libcmyth #894

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dteirney commented Apr 22, 2012

This is an initial pull request that adds support for the recently released MythTV 0.25.

Still waiting on confirmation from some testers about some areas but wanted to start the ball rolling.

@elupus, would appreciate a review.

These changes will be pushed upstream to libcmyth once the testing has confirmed things are stable enough.

Is there anyway that these changes can be backported to Eden once testing is finished? I'm not sure if there is any sort of Service Pack protocol for released versions of XBMC.

David Teirney Add support for myth protocol 65.
The QUERY_RECORDINGS command needed to be changed to support the new sort API.

elupus commented Apr 22, 2012

Looks pretty good to me. Just wondering, if all 64bit values has changed, wouldn't it cleaner to just change receive_long_long instead of adding that function pointer?

Built xbmc from the myth-0.25 branch of dteirney's repo and it worked against my 0.25 backend. Is there a more formal testing process I should go through?

Regarding the conversion of the cmyth_rcv_long_long functions for protocol version 66, it looks like this was converted everywhere but ringbuf.c.


dteirney commented Apr 28, 2012

@sandersch any comments re testing of the Myth 0.25 related protocol can be posted at

I couldn't find any concrete Myth Protocol documentation re the RINGBUF related methods. Based on the code pathways Live TV hasn't used RINGBUF since protocol 26, which is ages ago so perhaps it's not even supported anymore (there is no reference to it in the Myth 0.25 source code).

@elupus Good call on the the changes to the single method rather than putting function pointers everywhere. If my git foo was stronger I would have redone the initial protocol 66 commit. Not sure it matters. I can look into that more if you think it necessary. I'll spend a bit more time on it tonight and push a rebased update if I can figure the rebasing stuff out.


dteirney commented Apr 28, 2012

Figured out the rebasing. Pretty easy actually and very powerful. Awesome. Protocol 66 changes now look much cleaner.

David Teirney added some commits Apr 16, 2012

David Teirney Add support for myth protocol 66.
All 64 bit integers are now passed and received as a single 64 bit number rather than two 32 bit hi and lo integers.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 67.
Added new proginfo_season, proginfo_episode, proginfo_inetref properties and altered all of the places where the proginfo object is passed or received over the myth protocol.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 68.
No changes required as the VIDEO_LIST_CHANGE event is not used in libcmyth.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 69.
No changes necessary as QUERY FILE HASH is not used by libcmyth.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 70.
No changes necessary as the new QUERY_FILETRANSFER REOPEN method is not yet used.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 71.
It's not entirely clear what the protocol changes were as it looks like the changes only affected the scheduler. libcmyth isn't using ASK_RECORDER or GET_FREE_INPUTS so assume no changes are necessary.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 72 (Myth 0.25)
No changes necessary as new QUERY_ACTIVE_BACKENDS method is not used yet.
David Teirney Added support for myth protocol 73
Gentoo seems to have already updated to the trunk version of MythTV after the 0.25 release.

No changes necessary as libcmyth doesn't currently have support for RESCHEDULE_RECORDINGS.
David Teirney Explicitly set the write mode to be false for ANN FileTransfer. 01cc2a7

dteirney commented May 6, 2012

@elupus, haven't heard any complaints from the people who have been testing this with a Myth 0.25 backend now. Do you want to review the protocol 66 changes re long_long before I merge it?


elupus commented May 6, 2012

Nah, go ahead.

dteirney merged commit f962e40 into xbmc:master May 6, 2012

hcw70 commented Aug 7, 2012

Hi dteirney. I tried the libcmyth version from frodo-nightly builds for ubuntu with mythbox. It worked quite well but i had playback hickups with both live and recording views. I am viewing over WLAN (no problem with MythFrontend).
Is there an option for buffering ?
Where to report this?


dteirney commented Aug 7, 2012

@hcw70 report as a trac ticket at and include a full debug log. Cc me in the ticket when it is created.

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