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changed, always show video->files so we do not have to add a video source to see usb drives #898

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Currently we do not show video->files until a video source is added. This can cause newbee user confusion when they insert a usb drive with videos and the drive does not show up anywhere despite a toast announce of said drive being added. Then we confuse them further by moving video->add videos to inside video->files when a video source is added.

This change always shows video->files and 'add videos...' is always inside video->files so we present a consistent user interface and solves the 'wtf is my usb drive of videos' issues for new users of xbmc.


thx jm for the cluestick :)


Mhh could this be related to the fact that on a fresh install the "add sources" option is not visible in files? I experienced this and at least one user in the forum too. Will trigger jezz on this too...

It's probably the library customization changes from @jmarshallnz which causes that problem. And it has been confirmed by me and several other team members that the problem exists on all fresh installs.


Ahh ok - thx :)

  1. It was fixed yesterday.

  2. It wasn't caused by me, rather by the tinyxml merge. :p


Looks good to me. Counts as a fix or feature?

@davilla davilla was assigned

it's a fix :)

@davilla davilla merged commit b55721a into xbmc:master
@mikedm139 mikedm139 referenced this pull request from a commit in mikedm139/plex-home-theater-public
@tru tru Whoops send timelines even if we are paused.
Fixes #898
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Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. @davilla
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2  xbmc/filesystem/SourcesDirectory.cpp
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ bool CSourcesDirectory::GetDirectory(const CStdString& strPath, CFileItemList &i
sources = *sourcesFromType;
- if (sources.empty())
+ if (!sourcesFromType)
return false;
return GetDirectory(sources, items);
10 xbmc/video/GUIViewStateVideo.cpp
@@ -423,16 +423,6 @@ VECSOURCES& CGUIViewStateWindowVideoNav::GetSources()
- if (g_settings.GetSourcesFromType("video")->empty())
- { // no sources - add the "Add Source" item
- CMediaSource share;
- share.strName=g_localizeStrings.Get(999); // "Add Videos"
- share.strPath = "sources://add/";
- share.m_strThumbnailImage = CUtil::GetDefaultFolderThumb("DefaultAddSource.png");
- share.m_iDriveType = CMediaSource::SOURCE_TYPE_LOCAL;
- m_sources.push_back(share);
- }
- else
{ // Files share
CMediaSource share;
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