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pieh commented May 10, 2012

This should fix ListItem.IsResumable and ListItem.PercentPlayed bugs.

First commit will fix ListItem.IsResumable infolabel returning true for items that we resumed playback and finished watching.

Second one add retrieving resume point from db by full path if we don't have fileId in VideoInfoTag (so it will fix our infolabels in file mode).

To fix those infolabels completely #955 needs resolving.

pieh commented Jun 15, 2012

updated commits

as this was month ago - here are old commits with our comments:

  1. pieh@8bf5ca4
  2. pieh@2c2ff0d
pieh commented Jun 20, 2012


  • fetching resume point for files is done in single query together with playcount for entire listing in LoadVideoInfo as suggested in DB optims PR
  • added fix for weird inconsistency: when we resume video and seek to very beginning of the video and immediately stop playback - then we don't remove/update resume bookmark from database, but we update resumePoint (timeInSeconds == 0.0f) in gui item which will remove IsResumable flag

Together with this commit Montellese@334ede8 we possibly could drop fetching resume point from thumbloader?


Nice to see a pretty SQL - way easier to change later :)


Looks good.

@pieh pieh was assigned Jun 23, 2012
@pieh pieh merged commit 41acf92 into xbmc:master Jul 2, 2012
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