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Octocat-spinner-32 XBMC-ATV2.xcodeproj
Octocat-spinner-32 XBMC-IOS.xcodeproj
Octocat-spinner-32 XBMC.xcodeproj
Octocat-spinner-32 addons
Octocat-spinner-32 build-aux Use an auxilary directory for build tools and ensure they're not plac… March 26, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 docs added: configure option for specifying default LIRC device June 08, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 doxygen_resources updated: doxygen "build" script. March 17, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 language
Octocat-spinner-32 lib
Octocat-spinner-32 m4 Code changes for external python. Changes include submissions by cpts… April 05, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 media
Octocat-spinner-32 project
Octocat-spinner-32 sounds cleanup: removed more Xbox Media Center, XboxMediaPlayer, faulty August 26, 2008
Octocat-spinner-32 system
Octocat-spinner-32 tools
Octocat-spinner-32 userdata changed: Removed superfluous LCD settings to LCD.xml, and changed the… October 26, 2009
Octocat-spinner-32 xbmc
Octocat-spinner-32 Use AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to install config.guess and config.sub. March 26, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitignore
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitmodules changed, do not show skin.touched submodule changes October 11, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 CONTRIBUTORS changed: added myself to new contributor file October 27, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 LICENSE.GPL merge with trunk. rev. 13144 May 19, 2008
Octocat-spinner-32 changed: reduce some of the entering / leaving directory clutter duri… October 15, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 README.armel changed: point to git in files January 27, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 README.ios [ios] update readme to reflect new git submodule for skin.touched October 11, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 README.linux
Octocat-spinner-32 README.osx
Octocat-spinner-32 README.ubuntu
Octocat-spinner-32 bootstrap removed downloading libcec and disabled libcec by default before peop… October 11, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 copying.txt fix: Put GPL in copying.txt. XBMC is GPL, not LGPL. June 15, 2009
Octocat-spinner-32 fixed: git version script was broken on OSX - replace sed with awk May 10, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 keymapping.txt changed: removed executable property on files that are not executable… March 18, 2008
Octocat-spinner-32 xbmc-xrandr.c removed: xinerama build deps October 18, 2010
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