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Kodi add-ons CMake based buildsystem

This directory contains the cmake-based buildsystem for Kodi add-ons. It looks into the directory pointed to by the ADDONS_DEFINITION_DIR option (which defaults to the addons sub-directory) and parses all *.txt files recursively. Each add-on must have its own <addon-id>.txt file in a separate sub-directory that must follow one of the defined formats:

  • <addon-id> <git-url> <git-revision>
  • <addon-id> <tarball-url>
  • <addon-id> <file://path>


  • <addon-id> must be identical to the add-on's ID as defined in the add-on's addon.xml
  • <git-url> must be the URL of the git repository containing the add-on
  • <git-revision> must be a valid git tag/branch/commit in the add-on's git repository which will be used for the build
  • <tarball-url> must be the URL to a .tar.gz tarball containing the add-on
  • <file://path> must be a file:// based path to the directory containing the add-on

Reserved filenames

  • platforms.txt

List of platforms to build an add-on for (or all). Negating platforms is supported using a leading exclamation mark, e.g. !windows.

Available platforms are: linux, windows, osx, ios, android, rbpi and freebsd.


If no add-on definitions could be found, the buildsystem assumes that the bootstrapping of the add-on definition repositories hasn't been performed yet and automatically executes the add-on bootstrapping buildsystem located in the bootstrap sub-directory with the default settings (i.e. all add-ons from all pre-defined add-on definition repositories are bootstrapped into the directory pointed to by the ADDONS_DEFINITION_DIR option).

Buildsystem variables

The buildsystem uses the following addon-related variables (which can be passed into it when executing cmake with the -D<variable-name>=<value> format) to manipulate the build process:

  • ADDONS_TO_BUILD has two variations, which are tested in order:
    • a quoted, space delimited list of <addon-id>s that you want to build (default is all)
    • a regular expression that every <addon-id> is matched against (e.g. ADDONS_TO_BUILD="pvr.*") to build all pvr add-ons
  • ADDONS_DEFINITION_DIR points to the directory containing the definitions for the addons to be built
  • ADDON_SRC_PREFIX can be used to override the add-on repository location. It must point to the locally available parent directory of the add-on(s) to build. <addon-id> will be appended to this path automatically
  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX points to the directory where the built add-ons and their additional files (addon.xml, resources, ...) will be installed to (defaults to <ADDON_DEPENDS_PATH>)
  • ADDON_DEPENDS_PATH points to the directory containing the include and lib directories of the add-ons' dependencies.
  • CORE_SOURCE_DIR points to the root directory of the project (default is the absolute representation of ../../.. starting from this directory)
  • BUILD_DIR points to the directory where the add-ons and their dependencies will be downloaded and built
  • PACKAGE_ZIP=ON means that the add-ons will be 'packaged' into a common folder, rather than being placed in <CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX>/lib/kodi/addons and <CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX>/share/kodi/addons
  • PACKAGE_DIR points to the directory where the ZIP archived add-ons will be stored after they have been packaged (defaults to <BUILD_DIR>/zips)
  • ADDON_TARBALL_CACHING specifies whether downloaded add-on source tarballs should be cached or not (defaults to ON)

Deprecated buildsystem variables

Buildsystem will print a warning if you use any of the below-listed variables. For now they still work but you should adapt your workflow to the new variables.

  • APP_ROOT - Use CORE_SOURCE_DIR instead


The buildsystem makes some assumptions about the environment which must be met by whoever uses it:

  • Any dependencies of the add-ons must already be built and their include and library files must be present in the path pointed to by <CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH> (in include and lib sub-directories)
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