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xboxdrv 0.9.0 - (??/Aug/2011)
* added virtual on-screen keyboard
* added PDP AFTERGLOW AX.1 Xbox360 controller support
* added Logitech Gamepad F310 support
* added support for unbound button events, i.e. "--ui-buttonmap =KEY_ESC"
* added delay button filter
* added Xbox Airflo wired controller support
* added Razer Onza support
* added Descent configuration
* added Wing Commander configuration
* added Duke Nukem 3D configuration
* fixed incorrect axis being used in 4wayrest modifier
xboxdrv 0.8.4 - (24/Jan/2012)
* readded man-page that had gone missing
* added documentation for --dbus and --ff-device
xboxdrv 0.8.3 - (23/Jan/2012)
* added --dbus option to switch between system and session bus
* added sequence-key, same as cycle-key but doesn't wrap around
* added workaround for libudev older then v150
* added --ff-device DEV to select force-feedback device
* fixed force feedback getting on the wrong evdev
* fixed Xbox360 wireless LED not getting properly set on late plugin
xboxdrv 0.8.2 - (07/Aug/2011)
* added click-press, click-release, click-both button filter
* added delay button filter
* added simple Python script for response curve generation
* added PDF Afterglow AX.1 Xbox360 controller support
* fixed swapped keys in KeyAxisEventHandler
xboxdrv 0.8.1 - (20/Jul/2011)
* added const axis and button filter
* added 'generic-usb' controller type for debugging
* added cycle-key support to cycle through a sequence of buttons
* added proper merging of multiple output events to the same target
* added support for Street Fighter IV fightpad
* added support for Tron Xbox 360 controller
* added support for an unlimited number shift buttons
* fixed axis-shift getting ignored when another button is pressed
* fixed keys not getting pressed in --ui-axismap
* fixed rumble messages getting delayed
* reenabled --priority realtime
xboxdrv 0.8.0 - (26/May/2011)
* added --no-dbus option
* added ABS/axis support to macros
* added Street Fighter Fightpad support
* added example config for Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 zoom wheel
* added example config for Star Wars: Tie Fighter
* added rel-repeat value of -1 for sending an event only once
* added support for chatpad on bcdVersion 1.14 controller
* added support for relative filenames for macros
* fixed daemon mode
* fixed deadzone filter issues with MIN:MAX:SMOOTH
* fixed endian issues in Xbox360 and Xbox360 wireless controller
* fixed wireless controller not getting reset to neutral position on disconnected
* changed the meaning of --timeout 0
* removed boost::thread dependency
* switched from threads to asynchronous USB handling and glib
xboxdrv 0.7.3 - (16/Mar/2011)
* fixed installation of xboxdrvctl
* added special REL repeat value '-1' to avoid jaggy mouse emulation movement
* added "rel-repeat:" axis-event for better scroll wheel emulation
* added --no-dbus, to disable D-Bus support
* added xbmc.xboxdrv, a config fine tuned for XBMC
* added zsnes.xboxdrv, a config file for ZSNES
* reenabled USBReadThread to work around ignored input events
* '--daemon' is broken in this release
xboxdrv 0.7.2 - (06/Mar/2011)
* added --mimic-xpad-wireless
* added --device-usbid and --device-usbids
* added D-Bus support to the daemon
* added xboxdrvctl to control the daemon
* added better handling of rounding errors when sending REL_
* added dpad-restrictor for X, Y or fourway restriction on the dpad
* added statistic modifier that counts how often buttons are pressed
* added support for multiple wireless controller in daemon
* added --priority to enable realtime scheduling priority
* added custom configuration for XBMC, see examples/xbmc.xboxdrv
* changed default timeout to 10msec, for more responsive mouse emulation
* changed meaning of -m, its now a shortcut for --modifier, not --mouse
* improved INIParser, can now handle KEY_#NUM style names without quotes
* improved mouse emulation
* removed obsolete xboxdrv-daemon script
* renamed --device-name to --device-names
* renamed --name to --device-name
xboxdrv 0.7.1 - (30/Jan/2011)
* added --match-group
* added --on-connect and --on-disconnect to xboxdrv --daemon
* added --usb-debug
* added --no-extra-events
* added support for Playstation button names (triangle,
circle, square, cross, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3)
* added ability to set LED per controller slot
* added [controller0/config0/modifier] style sections to the ini file
* added new match rules: usbserial=SERIAL, vendor=VENDOR, product=PRODUCT
and property=PROPERTY:VALUE
* added some example configurations to examples/
* fixed issues with older libudev versions
* fixed LED not getting switched off on shutdown
* fixed some missing #include directives
* fixed axis inversion issue in --axismap
* fixed assertion in relative axis filter
* fixed --dpad-as-button
* fixed --dpad-only
* fixed --mimic-xpad
* fixed issue with using --trigger-as-zaxis in combination with axisfilter
* man-page updates and cleanup
* new version of runxboxdrv
xboxdrv 0.7.0 - (28/Jan/2011)
* switched to libusb-1.0
* -D, --daemon replaces xboxdrv-daemon
* --daemon supports hotpluging via libudev, even in applications that
don't support it themselves
* cleaned up axis/button modifier some more
* startup output got cleaned up
* fixed double Ctrl-c issue
* added --modifier MODIFIER,...
* configuration toggle button now works with modifiers too
* renamed --ui-new to --next-config
* renamed --ui-toggle to --toggle
* fixed incorrect endpoint detection for Xbox1 controller
* native Playstation 3 USB controller support
* added axis rotation modifier
* renamed A, B, X, Y axis to BTN_A, BTN_B, BTN_X, BTN_Y to avoid
confusion with X1, Y1
* added --list-all, --list-key, -list-rel, ... to display all
available symbolic name
* changed device_id syntax from 1-BTN_A to now BTN_A@1
xboxdrv 0.6.5 - (22/Jan/2011)
* fixed incorrect variable initalisation, leading to button presses
getting lost sometimes
* fixed initialisation issue for Chatpad connected to controllers with
bcdDevice 0x0114
xboxdrv 0.6.4 - (13/Jan/2011)
* fixed bug that disabled all axis when a button was pressed
* fixed some missing include
xboxdrv 0.6.3 - (10/Jan/2011)
* chatpad support (still rough), special thanks to Jani Virta, Andy
Kirkham, dwomac and GAFBlizzard who helped make it possible
* added --chatpad, --chatpad-no-init and --chatpad-debug
* added --headset, --headset-dump FILE and --headset-play FILE, for
experimentation only
* added optional abs:/rel:/key: prefixes to --ui-axismap
* added input filters for --axismap and --buttonmap
* fixed multiple bugs that made it impossible to assign events to
specific devices
* fixed axis getting stuck when using a shift key
* fixed incorrect error handling on fork()/exec()
xboxdrv 0.6.2 - (31/Dec/2010)
* merged Xbox360 guitar handling into the regular Xbox360 controller
handling, use --guitar to get the old mapping back
* added generic event filter framework
* added toggle button filter
* added invert button filter
* added auto fire button filter
* added log filter for button and axis
* added invert axis filter
* added sensitivity axis filter
* added relative axis filter
* added response curve axis filter
* added deadzone axis filter
* added calibration axis filter
* added ability to send different events depending on how long a
button was pressed
* added ability to launch a program on button press
* added ability to replay a macro on a button press
* added ability to launch a child program from within xboxdrv, making
wrapper scripts easier to write without race conditions
* added --option NAME=VALUE to allow INI-style config options from
command line
* added --evdev-debug to print out all received events from evdev
* added --evdev-no-grab to avoid a full grab on the event device
* unified ini and command line parsing some more
* Mad Catz Xbox controller - MW2 controller support added
* added support for Xbox1 analog buttons, use --ui-axismap with A, B,
X, Y, black, white
* give proper error message when the Play&Charge kit is used
xboxdrv 0.6.1 - (21/Dec/2010)
* fixed bug in axis to key mapping
* removed debugging output
xboxdrv 0.6.0 - (18/Dec/2010)
* support for reading from evdev, this allows the use of regular
regular PC joysticks or the Playstation 3 controllers with xboxdrv,
useful if you need configurability or joy2key-like functionality,
but don't have a Xbox360 gamepad
* added KEY_#num, ABS_#num and REL_#num to allow refering to events by
number instead of name
* support for reading configuration from a INI configuration file
* cleaned up uinput mapping, --dpad-as-button, --dpad-only, etc. are now
simple mappings instead of special case hackery
* --ui-axismap and --ui-buttonmap now work with all axis and button
* smooth deadzone handling without jumps
* added --detach-kernel-driver
* automatically insert dummy events to make input device register as joystick
* added ability to have multiple configs running at the same time with --ui-new
* added shifting to --ui-axismap, allows sending of different events
when a shift button is pressed
* Saitek Cyborg Rumble Pad support added
* Gamestop Xbox 360 Controller support added
xboxdrv 0.5.0 - (26/May/2010)
* added device_id handling to --ui-buttonmap and --ui-axismap, allows
the creation of multiple input devices from a single controller
* added shifting to --ui-buttonmap, allows sending of different events
when a shift button is pressed
* added support to send keyboard combination from --ui-buttonmap
* added --mouse, a simple shortcut to enable mouse emulation
* added dummy events to the mouse device to let it register properly
by the kernel without messing with hal
* auto-detect USB endpoints on Xbox1 controller
xboxdrv 0.4.13 - (13/May/2010)
* added --mimic-xpad
* added --no-extra-devices
xboxdrv 0.4.12 - (08/May/2010)
* added --four-way-restrictor
* added --dpad-rotation
* added proper man pages for xboxdrv and xboxdrv-daemon
xboxdrv 0.4.11 - (01/May/2010)
* added --axis-sensitivity
* added number aliases for button names
* added left/right/up/down aliases for dpad
* some compiler warnings got cleaned up
* confusing uinput error messages got cleaned up
* fixed missing 'report sync' event that broke keyboard emulation
xboxdrv 0.4.10 - (17/Feb/2010)
* fixed mouse emulation a bit, still somewhat broken
* Mad Catz Xbox 360 controller support
* Harmonix controller support
* minor compile fix (missing string.h)
xboxdrv 0.4.9 - (01/Nov/2009)
* Saitek P2500 support (no rumble, untested)
* Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex support
* changes in the thread handling to reduce latency
* include fixes for g++-4.4
xboxdrv 0.4.8 - (30/Jul/2009)
* usb reading in separate thread, should fix missed events and stuck buttons
* some SCons configuration magic for better compatibility
xboxdrv 0.4.7 - (29/Jul/2009)
* support for Pelican TSZ360 pad
* support for Saitek P3200 pad
* support for Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power (044f:b312)
* deadzone support for trigger via --deadzone-trigger NUM
* some documentation improvements
xboxdrv 0.4.6 - (21/Feb/2009)
* --calibration AXIS=MIN,CENTER,MAX option to workaround broken controller
* to launch xboxdrv automatically when device gets
plugged in
xboxdrv 0.4.5 - (15/Feb/2009)
* fixed mixup between strong and weak rumble
* added Harmonix Drum Kit for Xbox 360 support
* added Logitech Chillstream support
* added evsend tool to send events to /dev/input/eventX
* Y-Axis for Firestorm gamepad fixed
xboxdrv 0.4.4 - (24/Jan/2009)
* auto-detect USB endpoints
* rumble support, enabled via --force-feedback
* added --rumble-gain to control rumble strength
* --deadzone accepts values in percentage
* DDR Universe 2 Mat added
xboxdrv 0.4.3 - (17/Jan/2009)
* added support for X11 keysym in --ui-buttonmap
* added --ui-clear and 'void' mappings to unmap buttons and axis
* fixed LED handling for wireless gamepads
* Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power support (044f:b304)
* added --name option to set device name
* added JS_${NUM} name to address joystick buttons by number instead
of name
* fixed issue with multiple wireless controller
* some preparation for rumble (prints FF events)
xboxdrv 0.4.2 - (11/Jan/2009)
* fixed --dpad-only
xboxdrv 0.4.1 - (08/Jan/2009)
* workaround for KEY_MEDIA_REPEAT
xboxdrv 0.4 - (07/Jan/2009)
* added --square-axis option
* added --autofire option
* added --relative-axis option (i.e. emulate joystick throttle)
* added --ui-buttonmap and --ui-axismap to change uinput events
* support for keyboard events
* support for mouse emulation
xboxdrv 0.3 - (06/Nov/2008)
* added short note when the USB device is busy
* added note to README about running it via sudo
* added some missing header files
* added new third party controller to the auto-detection
* minor other small bug fixes
xboxdrv 0.2 - (03/May/2008)
* added support for Xbox360 wireless gamepads
* added support for the Xbox360 guitar controller
* added --dpad-only option for apps that don't need analogsticks
* added --axismap option to remap the axes
* added --buttonmap option to remap the buttons
* added option to specify the USB path to use, instead of using
automatic detection
* added option to enforce the controller type
* added deadzone configuration support
* switched from usb_bulk_read() to usb_interrupt_read(), this fixes
problems with some controller
xboxdrv 0.1 - (13/Apr/2008)
* initial release
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