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Add PHP Multilingual Support
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PHP Multilingual

Add PHP Multilingual Support to a Website.

Are you interested in having a multilingual website ?

The solution is PHPMultilingual.


Include PHPMultilingual

 require __DIR__ . "/Class.Phrase.php";

###Phrases file The first thing we need to do is to create a Phrases files that will contain the text for each of the languages that will be supported by the website. For demo purpose I have chosen English. Make a directory named “directory”. In this directory create one file: ``English.json`` Here’s the content: ```json { "welcome": "Welcome", "date": "Today is : {{date}}" } ``` #### Include variable: ``` {{VAR_NAME}} ``` ``` {{date}} ``` #### Notice * Should be a valid JSON object.

### Multilingual The second thing we need to do is to create a extend class that will allow process the **Phrases File**. For demo purpose I have chosen English as Class Name.
namespace PHPMultilingual;
class English extends \ITCB\APP\TextProcessing\PHPMultilingual{
      protected $language = 'en-US'; // Language code.
      protected $configs =[ 
            // Would be used when call unavailable phrase
            "emptyPhrase" => "_Empty_", 
             // Phrases File path.
            "phrasesFile" =>  __DIR__ . "/English.json",
             //Enable Translation.
            "doTranslation" => false, 
            //Language Code.
            "language" => "en-US"

      function translation($str){
            return $str;

Get Phrase

require __DIR__ . "/English.php";
$Language = new PHPMultilingual\English;
print "<h1>". $Language->get('welcome') . "<h1/>";
$date = date("y-M-d");
echo $Language->get('date'); // date phrase containing Variable called date 
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