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A HackerOne API client for Node.js
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Hackerone - A HackerOne API client for Node.js

npm package

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Initializing the Client

var hackerone = require('hackerone');
var Hackerone = new hackerone('YOUR-API-TOKEN-IDENTIFIER', 'YOUR-API-TOKEN');


Read a report'REPORT-ID', function (err, res) {

Query reports

    program: '...',
    reporter: '...'

}, function (err, res) {

Reports ► Comments

Post a public comment

Hackerone.reports.comments.create('REPORT-ID', {
    message: 'The message that will be posted'
    internal: boolean
}, function (err, res) {

Lock a report

Hackerone.reports.comments.close('REPORT-ID',{}, function (err, res) {

Reports ► Assignee

Assign a user

Hackerone.reports.assignee.update('REPORT-ID', {
    id: 'The ID of the user or group',
    type: 'Specifies whether a user or group should be assigned, or if the assignee should be cleared',
    message: 'The message that will be posted to the assigned user or group'
}, function (err, res) {

For more example see test/*.js


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