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{"note":"Don't delete this file! It's used internally to help with page regeneration.","tagline":"More code, less talk.","google":"","name":"XCake:labs","body":"### Welcome to XCake:labs.\r\nXCake:labs has grown out of a need for iOS developer and designer attendees of the Dublin XCake sessions to share code and other expertise in a setting that's not primarily talk-driven. Founded in July 2012, XCake:labs has already...well, we've just started, actually, and we're looking for lab suggestions, lab requests and lab leaders.\r\n\r\nAn XCake:lab is a hands-on coding or designing session, trimmed to size for a handy 2 or 3 hour time slot. Minimal slideware in support of the code is worthy, full presentations are not: we aim to reduce multicast talk and instead foster a more active learning environment. \r\n\r\nWe'll aim to make as much as possible, in terms of code and examples, available here under a permissive open source license, but there may be instances where that's not going to work. It is the consideration of the author of the work to apply the license, after all.\r\n\r\nTwitter is the best place to find the latest news - follow [@xcakelabs]( Feel free to ask for labs on topics that are of interest to you, and volunteer to give labs on topics you know well.\r\n\r\n### Lab Suggestions\r\n* Core Data with Magical Report - @dglancy\r\n\r\n### Lab Requests\r\n* What's up with - using Parse APIs in your App - @dglancy\r\n* The Perfect Networking Framework - @Roland9\r\n"}