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=== ALIASES ===
stats ~ list out all sorts of details
enable trigger <trigger name> ~ enable trigger
disable trigger <trigger name> ~ disable trigger
auto enter <town name> ~ will auto enter arena after retreat (must be one step from arena)
disable auto enter ~ disables arena auto enter
prep ~ handles setup for auto-attacking monsters
unprep ~ disables arena auto enter and prep
disable retreats ~ disable auto retreat
disable loop ~ stops the autowalk loop
roam <direction> ~ roams in specified direction, reverses at wall
disable roam ~ stops roaming
panic hangup <true|false> ~ sets whether a disconnect should be used in panic
=== Map Commands ===
map auto <on|off> ~ En/Disables auto mapping mode
map manual <on|off> ~ En/Disables manual mapping mode
map load ~ loads map
map save ~ saves map
map create area <name> ~ creates new area and starting room
map delete all ~ deletes everything map related
map delete area <name> ~ deletes area and contained rooms
map delete room <number> ~ deletes room
map rename room <name> ~ changes the name of current room
map find room <name> ~ provides all rooms whose name contains the search item
map describe room <number> ~ provides name and area of room
map where am i ~ describes the current room
map goto <number> ~ walks from current room to destination
=== KEYS ===
F1 ~ Disconnect
F12 ~ Auto connect
' ~ gossip