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What is it ?

A data migration tool entirely written in Node.js, inspired by dbdeploy

It's the little brother of dbdeploy, in pure Javascript.

From the dbdeploy website, the project is described as :

dbdeploy is a Database Change Management tool. It’s for developers or DBAs who want to evolve their database design – or refactor their database – in a simple, controlled, flexible and frequent manner.

Manages the deployment of numbered change scripts to a SQL database, using a simple table in the database to track applied changes.

Maturity of the project

It's a work in progress. See the 'Planned enhancements' for further information.


  • Data migration files (SQL) named as follows: {digit}-{description}.sql (eg, 0001-initial_build.sql)
  • A working DB with credentials to create table in it.
  • Commander for the CLI script. But you can built your very own project-specific script in seconds and in a matter of 3 lines of code


  • Applies only what needs to be applied (doesn't run the whole DB creation scenario every time): Hey, It's a DB migration tool, remember ? ;)
  • Fine-grained control of the state of your DB
  • Unlike dbdeploy, the UNDO section is not mandatory
  • Migrations are run as transactions, so you can not be left in an unstable state


  • Clone the github repository
  • or for easier installation, use npm:
npm install dbdeploy


From the CLI

Note: In order to run the CLI script, your PATH must contain ./node_modules/db-deploy/bin or you'll have to point directly to the script from the root of your project

dbdeploy -U username -P password --db database_name -f ./myMigrationsFolder/

To get a list of available options, simply run:

dbdeploy --help


var deploy = require('deploy');
deploy.config({migrationFolder: './myCustomMigrationFolder'});

Planned enhancements

  • Downgrade is not yet fully functional
  • Including or excluding data fixtures by deploying a superset of dmigration scripts
  • Extend to multiple database adapters (only works with node-postgres)


See LICENSE file at the root of the repository. In 3 letters: MIT