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A Jenkins project template for NodeJS generating test results, coverage reports and checkstyle (jslint) reports
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Jenkins template for NodeJS

This project provides you with

  • a complete and functional config.xml template file for Jenkins
  • an Ant file with the necessary targets
  • a proposal for a basic project structure


  • Node.js modules
    • node-jscoverage
    • vows
  • Ant
    • ant-contrib
    • jslint4java
  • Jenkins
    • CheckStyle plugin
    • HTML Publisher plugin

How to

You most probably don't want to clone this project to use it, but rather build your repo from its file structure. Here's how to init a project:

git init ./my_project
cd ./my_project
git archive --remote HEAD | tar xvf -

Available Ant tasks


  • Removes the build folder
  • Empties log and tmp folders (except .gitignore files)


  • Instruments the js files in the lib folder (for coverage reports)
  • Run Vows tests using the instrumented libs
  • Generates xunit report files for the tests
  • Generates html output for coverage report
  • Executes jslint and outputs a checkstyle report

Directory structure

  • lib: Where all your prototypes, unrelated to node_modules, must be located. It includes (but not limited to) all the prototypes for your model (whether you use ODM, ORM, or whatsoever...)
  • log: Your application log folder. Obvious.
  • tmp: Because one always needs a temporary location to store data (prepare DL packages, cache files and data)
  • tests: Your Vows test
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