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Beta support for RHEL 8

wget -O - >/tmp/go-xcat

chmod +x /tmp/go-xcat

/tmp/go-xcat \
  --xcat-core= \
  --xcat-dep= \


  • To use RHEL 8 with xCAT, RHEL 8.0.0 RC 2 is supported ONLY.

  • If deploy RHEL 8 compute nodes is intended after migrate from a previous xCAT installation, manually run chdef -t site xcatsslversion= after xCAT migration. Otherwise, problems will be hit when deploy RHEL 8 compute node. #5794 #5798 #6061 #6090 And this kind of migration is supported on RHEL 7 ONLY. #577

  • There is no plan to support xCAT Software Kits function on RHEL 8.

xCAT Documentation

xCAT documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs:

Download xCAT

Test Environment

Hardware Platform and Operating Systems which have been verified:

Hardware Platform Operation System
IBM Power System AC922 RHEL-Alt 7.6
IBM Power S822LC for HPC RHEL 7.6
IBM Power S822LC for HPC Ubuntu 16.04.5
IBM Power S822LC for HPC Ubuntu 18.04.1
IBM Power S822LC for HPC SLES 12 SP3
IBM Power 750 RHEL 7.6
IBM Power 750 RHEL 6.10
IBM Power 750 SLES 11 SP4
iDataPlex M4 DX360 RHEL 7.6
iDataPlex M4 DX360 SLES 12 SP3
iDataPlex M4 DX360 Ubuntu 16.04.5
iDataPlex M4 DX360 Ubuntu 18.04.1

Key Issues Resolved

Issue #6146 Linux kdump not working on RHEL 8 diskless compute node

Issue #6145 makegocons throw out confused message "Failed to execute command: systemctl disable conserver." even there is no conserver.service alive ahead in rhels8.0

Issue #6118 otherpkgdir won't work with localdir and http repo

Issue #6108 Any method to sync normal user accounts from manage node to compute nodes?

Issue #6089 rh8 node provision failed when site.xcatsslversion is TLSv1 and upgrade xCAT to latest rhels8 build

Issue #6069 genimage for redhat8 diskless complains "Detection of Platform Module failed: Cannot open file <..>/os-release"

Issue #6068 [RH8]copycds do not report error when disk is full in MN

Issue #6049 copycds <cumulus linux iso> modifies the permissions of source bin file

Issue #6035 DB performance: lsdef will query all tables even specify attribute to query

Issue #6028 configeth does not reload new ifcfg-* for installnic when diskless reboot

Issue #6022 [RH8] RHEL 8 does not support LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2004 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 adapter any more

Issue #6015 xcat on Centos 7.6.1810 - all compute nodes hang overnight

Issue #6014 xcat on Centos 7.6.1810 - how to set the latest kernel to run on compute nodes

Issue #5987 xdcp EXECUTE of .post script not working as expected

Issue #5966 nodeset calculate wrong path for deploying sles when using "copycds -p"

Issue #5958 makedns does not support "forward only" option

Issue #5938 After provisioning or after some idle time... updatenode takes very long time on first attempt on AC922

Issue #5905 makedhcp -n cannot generate right URL in dhcpd.conf file

Issue #5888 synclist: EXECUTEALWAYS error when another line in the synclist references the same destination node

Issue #5887 "genimage ubuntu18.04.1-x86_64-netboot-compute" generates broken image

Issue #5873 Section %packages does not end with %end error in diskful service node install

Issue #5869 Function "httpport" can not work on ubuntu + netboot=grub2 scenario

Issue #5862 httpport attribute can not work well in ubuntu diskless

Issue #5856 The output of some hardware control command are not same between perl and python

Issue #5241 [FVT]:lsdef -t osimage -z could not gives out all osimage's definition stanza

Restrictions and Known Issues

Issue #5121 rspconfig failed to set bmc ip etc in some specific condition

Issue #3513 For the latest xCAT-genesis-base, the mlx4_en driver 2.2-1 (Feb 2014) is included, it can not support Mellanox Ethernet NIC that need driver newer than 2.2-1, for more information, please reference build genesis locally with latest RH MN

Issue #5057 This issue cannot be reproduced, and the work around is : check the bmc state use rflash <node> -l, if the target firmware state is Active(+), execute rpower <node> boot to reboot the host and let new firmware take effect.

Issue #3284 While selinux on KVM host was reconfigured from enforcing to disabled, rpower failed to power previous created KVM guest on



  • Oct 22, 2010: xCAT 2.5 released.
  • Apr 30, 2010: xCAT 2.4 is released.
  • Oct 31, 2009: xCAT 2.3 released. xCAT's 10 year anniversary!
  • Apr 16, 2009: xCAT 2.2 released.
  • Oct 31, 2008: xCAT 2.1 released.
  • Sep 12, 2008: Support for xCAT 2 can now be purchased!
  • June 9, 2008: xCAT breaths life into (at the time) the fastest supercomputer on the planet
  • May 30, 2008: xCAT 2.0 for Linux officially released!
  • Oct 31, 2007: IBM open sources xCAT 2.0 to allow collaboration among all of the xCAT users.
  • Oct 31, 1999: xCAT 1.0 is born!
    xCAT started out as a project in IBM developed by Egan Ford. It was quickly adopted by customers and IBM manufacturing sites to rapidly deploy clusters.
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