A resume/CV generator, parsing information from YAML file and output a static website which you can deploy on the Github Pages. Exactly like Hexo for generating static resume website.
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Online Demo
A resume/CV generator, parsing information from YAML file and output a static website which you can deploy on the Github Pages. Exactly like resume-version Hexo.



[sudo] npm install -g barn-cli or [sudo] yarn global add barn-cli


  1. barn -h: check the manual
  2. barn init: init a barn folder using git clone, so make sure you are connecting to the www
  3. cd barn-starter
  4. fill config.yml with your own customized configs
  5. fill YAML files in folder themes/${your theme}/content/ with your own information
  6. make use of barn server to debug your pages and repeat step 3-5 until it satisfies you
  7. barn deploy: deploy to your own github resume repository
  8. trun on Github Pages, see https://pages.github.com/ for more instruction


  • barn -h
    Checking the manual of this tool is the very first thing you should do.

  • barn init / i
    Initiate a barn project using git clone with Maples7/barn-starter.

  • barn genrate / g
    Generate ultimate static website to folder dist.

  • barn server / s
    Watch any changes of any files and apply them to folder dist immediately, so you can open *.html in folder dist with your browser to debug your pages locally.

  • barn deploy / d
    Deploy to a git-based server such as Github Pages and Coding Pages.

  • barn -v
    Check the version.


  • default: the default theme of barn

You can download any themes above and put them in folder themes and apply any one of them by changing the config inside Theme block in config.yml.

(Thers is only a theme called default in folder themes for now, you are welcomed to customize your own and make it open source. If you'd like to, catch the key points of instruction below.)

How to make my own themes


  1. On Github, create a barn theme project
  2. Put all html templates in the root directory ./, all css files in ./css/ and all images in ./image/
  3. Make starter YAML files for information needed to render pages in ./content/ to tell user what they should provide
  4. Full tests and detail document are required in your own theme project
  5. Post a PR to this project to list your own theme inside Themes block above, please note whether any other template engines are needed besides pug and I'll give some support in my code

You are welcomed to review this project for more information you need.


DEBUG=barn-cli barn [command]: add DEBUG=barn-cli at the beginning of any command to get more information about the running status of program.



  • Maples7: Creator and maintainner of this project
  • ShadowWood: Maker of the default theme