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script/default-site: read Jekyll source from local clone

If you bump the version in the repo, then it all goes haywire.
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1 parent 6d2b344 commit 3943de066c4c8a29d31743c58eb01ff17a76e3fc @parkr parkr committed Aug 2, 2016
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@@ -7,10 +7,14 @@ echo "$0: setting up tmp directory"
mkdir -p ./tmp
rm -Rf ./tmp/default-site
echo "$0: creating new default site"
bundle exec exe/jekyll new tmp/default-site
pushd tmp/default-site
+echo "$0: respecifying the jekyll install location"
+ruby -e "contents ='Gemfile'); File.write('Gemfile', contents.sub(/gem \"jekyll\".*\\n/, 'gem \"jekyll\", path: \"$workdir\"'))"
echo "$0: installing default site dependencies"
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=Gemfile bundle install
echo "$0: building the default site"

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