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+language: ruby
+cache: bundler
+sudo: false
+- 2.2
+- 2.1
+- 2.0
+- jruby-
+ allow_failures:
+ - rvm: jruby-
+ matrix:
+ - TEST_SUITE=test
+ - TEST_SUITE=cucumber
+before_script: bundle update
+script: script/cibuild
+ irc:
+ on_success: change
+ on_failure: change
+ channels:
+ -
+ template:
+ - "%{repository}#%{build_number} (%{branch}) %{message} %{build_url}"
+ email:
+ on_success: never
+ on_failure: never
+ slack:
+ secure: dNdKk6nahNURIUbO3ULhA09/vTEQjK0fNbgjVjeYPEvROHgQBP1cIP3AJy8aWs8rl5Yyow4YGEilNRzKPz18AsFptVXofpwyqcBxaCfmHP809NX5PHBaadydveLm+TNVao2XeLXSWu+HUNAYO1AanCUbJSEyJTju347xCBGzESU=
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+# Contributor Code of Conduct
+As contributors and maintainers of this project, and in the interest of fostering an open and welcoming community, we pledge to respect all people who contribute through reporting issues, posting feature requests, updating documentation, submitting pull requests or patches, and other activities.
+We are committed to making participation in this project a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or nationality.
+Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include:
+* The use of sexualized language or imagery
+* Personal attacks
+* Trolling or insulting/derogatory comments
+* Public or private harassment
+* Publishing other's private information, such as physical or electronic addresses, without explicit permission
+* Other unethical or unprofessional conduct.
+Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct. By adopting this Code of Conduct, project maintainers commit themselves to fairly and consistently applying these principles to every aspect of managing this project. Project maintainers who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct may be permanently removed from the project team.
+This code of conduct applies both within project spaces and in public spaces when an individual is representing the project or its community.
+Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by opening an issue or contacting one or more of the project maintainers.
+This Code of Conduct is adapted from the [Contributor Covenant](, version 1.2.0, available at [](
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+So you've got an awesome idea to throw into Jekyll. Great! Please keep the
+following in mind:
+* **Use for non-technical or indirect Jekyll questions that are not bugs.**
+* **Contributions will not be accepted without tests or necessary documentation updates.**
+* If you're creating a small fix or patch to an existing feature, just a simple
+ test will do. Please stay in the confines of the current test suite and use
+ [Shoulda]( and
+ [RSpec-Mocks](
+* If it's a brand new feature, make sure to create a new
+ [Cucumber]( feature and reuse steps
+ where appropriate. Also, whipping up some documentation in your fork's `site`
+ would be appreciated, and once merged it will be transferred over to the main
+ `site`,
+* If your contribution changes any Jekyll behavior, make sure to update the
+ documentation. It lives in `site/_docs`. If the docs are missing information,
+ please feel free to add it in. Great docs make a great project!
+* Please follow the [GitHub Ruby Styleguide](
+ when modifying Ruby code.
+* Please do your best to submit **small pull requests**. The easier the proposed
+ change is to review, the more likely it will be merged.
+* When submitting a pull request, please make judicious use of the pull request
+ body. A description of what changes were made, the motivations behind the
+ changes and [any tasks completed or left to complete](
+ will also speed up review time.
+Test Dependencies
+To run the test suite and build the gem you'll need to install Jekyll's
+dependencies. Simply run this command to get all setup:
+ $ script/bootstrap
+Before you start, run the tests and make sure that they pass (to confirm your
+environment is configured properly):
+ $ script/cibuild
+If you are only updating a file in `test/`, you can use the command:
+ $ script/test test/blah_test.rb
+If you are only updating a `.feature` file, you can use the command:
+ $ script/cucumber features/blah.feature
+Both `script/test` and `script/cucumber` can be run without arguments to
+run its entire respective suite.
+Here's the most direct way to get your work merged into the project:
+* Fork the project.
+* Clone down your fork ( `git clone[username]/jekyll.git` ).
+* Create a topic branch to contain your change ( `git checkout -b my_awesome_feature` ).
+* Hack away, add tests. Not necessarily in that order.
+* Make sure everything still passes by running `script/cibuild`.
+* If necessary, rebase your commits into logical chunks, without errors.
+* Push the branch up ( `git push origin my_awesome_feature` ).
+* Create a pull request against jekyll/jekyll and describe what your change
+ does and the why you think it should be merged.
+Updating Documentation
+We want the Jekyll documentation to be the best it can be. We've
+open-sourced our docs and we welcome any pull requests if you find it
+You can find the documentation for in the
+[site]( directory of
+Jekyll's repo on
+All documentation pull requests should be directed at `master`. Pull
+requests directed at another branch will not be accepted.
+The [Jekyll wiki]( on GitHub
+can be freely updated without a pull request as all GitHub users have access.
+If you want to add your plugin to the
+[list of plugins](,
+please submit a pull request modifying the
+[plugins page source file](site/_docs/ by adding a
+link to your plugin under the proper subheading depending upon its type.
+* Please do not bump the gem version in your pull requests.
+* Try to keep your patch(es) based from the latest commit on jekyll/jekyll.
+ The easier it is to apply your work, the less work the maintainers have to do,
+ which is always a good thing.
+* Please don't tag your GitHub issue with [fix], [feature], etc. The maintainers
+ actively read the issues and will label it once they come across it.
+Thanks! Hacking on Jekyll should be fun. If you find any of this hard to figure
+out, let us know so we can improve our process or documentation!
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+# source ''
+# 中国用户使用 taobao 源比较快
+source ''
+gem 'rake', '~> 10.1'
+group :development do
+ gem 'rdoc', '~> 4.2'
+ gem 'launchy', '~> 2.3'
+ gem 'toml', '~> 0.1.0'
+ gem 'pry'
+group :test do
+ gem 'redgreen', '~> 1.2'
+ gem 'shoulda', '~> 3.5'
+ gem 'cucumber', '~> 2.0', '< 2.1'
+ gem 'simplecov', '~> 0.9'
+ gem 'jekyll_test_plugin'
+ gem 'jekyll_test_plugin_malicious'
+ gem 'minitest-reporters'
+ gem 'minitest-profile'
+ gem 'minitest'
+ gem 'rspec-mocks'
+ if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /cygwin/ || RUBY_VERSION.start_with?("2.2")
+ gem 'test-unit'
+ end
+ if ENV['PROOF']
+ gem 'html-proofer', '~> 2.0'
+ end
+group :benchmark do
+ gem 'ruby-prof'
+ gem 'rbtrace'
+ gem 'stackprof'
+ gem 'benchmark-ips'
+ end
+gem 'jekyll-paginate', '~> 1.0'
+gem 'jekyll-coffeescript', '~> 1.0'
+gem 'jekyll-feed'
+gem 'jekyll-gist', '~> 1.0'
+gem 'mime-types', '~> 2.6'
+gem 'kramdown', '~> 1.9'
+platform :ruby, :mswin, :mingw do
+ gem 'rdiscount', '~> 2.0'
+ gem 'pygments.rb', '~> 0.6.0'
+ gem 'redcarpet', '~> 3.2', '>= 3.2.3'
+ gem 'classifier-reborn', '~> 2.0'
+ gem 'liquid-c', '~> 3.0'
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