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Derives from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.Primitives.Selector

The CheckListBox control is a ListBox in which each item is represented with a CheckBox. The CheckBox.IsSelected can be data bound using the SelectedMemberPath property. The CheckListBox also provides a Command property which will execute every time an item is checked/unchecked. The CommandParameter is the recently checked/unchecked item.

NOTE: As of v1.6.0, this control derives from Selector.

         <xctk:CheckListBox x:Name="_listBox" 
                            SelectedValue="{Binding SelectedValue}"
                            SelectedItemsOverride="{Binding SelectedItems}" />


Property Description
Command Gets or sets the command to execute when an item is checked/unchecked. (Inherited from Selector)
Delimiter Gets or sets the string used to separate the concatenated string representations of the checked items. (Inherited from Selector)
SelectedItem Gets or sets the last checked item. (Inherited from Selector)
SelectedItems Gets the collection of checked items. (Inherited from Selector)
SelectedItemsOverride Gets or sets the list of SelectedItems. (Inherited from Selector)
SelectedMemberPath Gets or sets a path to a value on the source object used to determine whether an item is selected. (Inherited from Selector)
SelectedValue Gets or sets a string containing the selected items separated by the value of Delimiter (ex., "Item1, Item2, Item3"). (Inherited from Selector)
ValueMemberPath Gets or sets a path to a value on the source object representing the value to use. (Inherited from Selector)


Event Description
ItemSelectionChanged Raised when an item's selection is changed. (Inherited from Selector)

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