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WindowControl Plus

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WindowControl Plus

Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from ContentControl

The control used to build the ChildWindow Plus, MessageBox Plus and StyleableWindow. It contains the base data for a window.


Property Description
* All the Properties from WindowControl
IsMaximized Gets or sets if the Window is using full screen.
MaximizeButtonStyle Gets or sets the style for the Maximize button.
MinimizeButtonStyle Gets or sets the style for the Minimize button.
ResizeMode Gets or sets the mode for resizing (NoResize, CanMinimize, CanResize or CanResizeWithGrip).
RestoreButtonStyle Gets or sets the style for the Restore button.


Event Description
* All the Events from WindowControl
MaximizeButtonClicked Raised when the Maximize button is clicked.
MinimizeButtonClicked Raised when the Minimize button is clicked.
WindowResizeThumbDrag Raised when the window resize thumb is dragged.
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