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temporary korean fix

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1 parent c89af8e commit f84e293cb2513a8816cdad85486f779b300c0b28 @youknowone youknowone committed Apr 26, 2012
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@@ -4682,15 +4682,15 @@ msgstr "맞춤법 확인"
#: src/fe-gtk/setup.c:143
msgid "Nick Completion"
-msgstr "자동 구성에 추가할 문자:"
+msgstr "대화명 자동 완성"
#: src/fe-gtk/setup.c:144
msgid "Automatic nick completion (without TAB key)"
msgstr "TAB 키를 누르지 않고 자동 대화명 완성"
#: src/fe-gtk/setup.c:146
msgid "Nick completion suffix:"
-msgstr "자동 구성에 추가할 문자:"
+msgstr "자동 완성에 추가할 문자:"
#: src/fe-gtk/setup.c:147
msgid "Nick completion sorted:"

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