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WiFi Pineapple firmware builder. Build the latest firmware
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This is still a work in process, it's for education purposes only. It makes our gl-ar150 run openwrt with HAK5 pineapples skin. The only thing that is not working is the pineapd. in the pineapd.bin there is a hardware check but I am still not sure what check this is. I will try and debug it and update this build from time to time. if you want to help out let me know!


PineAPD not starting

This is a known issue that I cannot fix at this point. The error is as follows:

do_page_fault(): sending SIGSEGV to pineapd for invalid read access from 0000005c
[ 515.263461] epc = 770088a1 in[77000000+2b000]
[ 515.268826] ra = 004053f8 in pineapd[400000+e000]

At this point I can not debug this so I have no idea where it is crashing. If someone does know what it is checking please let me know here:


If you have something that is missing in the build (like firmware) let me know. I made it as complete as possible but I can't know all the firmwares.

How To Run

The most common way to build the firmware is simply to run This will check for newer upstream code, download it and compile the firmware for the ar-150. If your currently synced code/built firmware is at its newest, nothing will be done. There are several flags you can use though.

  • -f will force a build. Traditionally, if the currently synced upstream code is at its most current, the script will not build the code if it was already built on said codebase. This will force a rebuild to take place.
  • -c will make a clean build. This will delete all upstream code, download the most recent (again) and compile the firmware.
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